Why You Need a Table Saw as a DIY Junky

The main concept behind DIY (Do it Yourself) is to avoid relying on others to do things for you and the fact that you also kind of prefer doing things yourself because it is fun and increases your knowledge and skills. Besides, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. A table saw is just one of those tools you must have as a DIY junky because there are things only it can do. Especially when your regular projects involve a lot of timber or wood, and in large pieces. Here is why you should invest in this convenient and powerful tool.

The Amazing Things You can do with a Table Saw

You see, there are tools you learn to love and there are tools you fall in love with, instantly. The table saw is one of the tools you fall in love with, instantly. The thing you’ll immediately notice about the table saw is its power. This power is what makes it not only a very convenient tool but also a very useful one. If you often use a handsaw for doing things, there is a good chance you’ll forget about its existence the moment you start using a table saw. You’ll find yourself doing almost anything that needs a saw with it. You’ll find yourself cutting even the smallest pieces of wood, plastic, and even metal with it. Enough chit-chat – here are some of the cool things you can do with a table saw

  • Effortlessly cut pieces of wood for your projects – board games, board game pieces, drawers, shelves, and whatever. Table saws don’t demand any force unless you are cutting large pieces of wood, in which case you’ll need just a little force for guiding the piece and ensuring that it is cut as you intended.
  • Cut bevels
  • Cross cuts
  • Make crown moldings
  • Cut angled edges
  • Cut plastics for projects
  • Cut various metals for projects
  • Build a birdhouse
  • Build a tree house
  • More shelves
  • Let your imagination go wild

Once you get used to using this power saw, you will be able to cut slots and channels, tapers, circles, patterns, taper long boards, and more. You will find the fact that you can cut large pieces of wood, plastic and various metals easily and safely a very convenient quality of this tool. If you are a creative person, this will make your imagination go wild. Limits will only exist in your head. There is nothing that makes building projects fun like powerful and efficient tools.

A Little about Table Saws

There are essentially four types of table saws:

  • Portable or Benchtop
  • Hybrid
  • Contractor
  • Cabinet

For DIY projects, the best is either the benchtop/ portable table saw or the contractor table saw. In this instance, it is not because they are the most powerful but because they are the most affordable and will get the job done. Unless you want to go to extremes and do large projects or your projects often involve large pieces of wood, you only need one of those two types of table saws. That leaves the hybrid and cabinet tables saw as the most expensive and most powerful of the four. If you can afford them and you feel you need them, don’t let me stop you. Invest in them and keep doing amazing stuff.

When you have a powerful tool, you automatically fall in love with it. If I was to give you a wrecking ball right now, I won’t be surprised if you destroyed a building just for the sake of it. That’s the thing with power; it brings out the beast in us – if there is one. A table saw is a powerful tool that will significantly prove invaluable for your woodwork and other DIY projects. If it is within your power to acquire one, do not shut down this device before you have acquired it.

If you have any questions, please ask below!