Buying a Used Vehicle Online? Ask These Five Questions First!

egrtgwrtDecided to a buy a second-hand vehicle online, but aren’t sure how you can get the maximum value for your money? Don’t worry, you aren’t all alone.

Buying a used vehicle becomes an obvious choice, especially when you are operating on a tight budget. But that doesn’t mean you must compromise on the quality. With the opening of many used car markets it has become quite convenient for numerous potential car owners to buy a reliable quality vehicle of their choice, and that too at a cheap price. While, many of us stay confused on how we can make the most of our investment.

So, if you are buying a second-hand vehicle from a car dealer in Japan or any other dealers online. Here are the five most important questions that you should ask before buying.

Question 1: Why Type of Vehicle Should I Buy?

Maybe you are having difficulties in taking public transport to work. Or your family needs a reliable means of transportation to travel around inside the city. You should definitely know why you actually need to buy a vehicle for. This will eventually let you know which type of vehicle you should go for.

Whether it be an SUV, Sedan or a Hatchback, it’s wise to know which type of vehicle could actually fulfill all your needs and preferences in the very first place. As there would be no point buying a vehicle which doesn’t give you complete satisfaction.

Question 2: Which Car Brand Should I Go For?

You will always find a number of car brands that will come fit to your requirements, but it’s important to go for one which has years of reliability surrounding its name.

Undoubtedly, Japanese car automakers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and others are some of the most reliable names in the automobile manufacturing industry. The used vehicles from these car manufacturers are equally good in reliability as their new counterparts. And on top of that, they aren’t that expensive to purchase.

Question 3: How Should I Know The Vehicle Is Reliable?

Once you decided which vehicle to buy it’s now time to actually find its reliability. Simply request your car dealer regarding the vehicle inspection sheet and the ownership history. Both these papers will help you assist the overall quality of the vehicle.

You simply have to go through the engine report, accidental history and the overall body condition of the vehicle to decide whether you should go for a certain vehicle or not. Additionally, you can run a VIN check to find out if the vehicle was involved in any accidents or has any title issues. Most of the time, the dealer will provide the vehicle history for free, but if they didn’t, you could check your VIN for free on the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and VinFreeCheck.

Question 4: From Whom Shall I Buy The Vehicle From?

Often car customers have two choices when it comes to buying a used vehicle from. Either they could go to a private seller or a car dealer.

A private seller might sound a bit easy to purchase a used vehicle from, however, they usually don’t have enough variety of vehicles to provide their customers with. On the other hands, online car dealers stock a large number of vehicles in all different car brands which makes it very easy to choose and buy. Furthermore, a private seller is likely to ask you a higher price of a vehicle which is available at a lower price at a car dealer in quite a similar condition.

Question 5: What Will Be The Import Duties, Tax And Port Clearance Fees?

Buying a vehicle online is one thing and getting it imported into your country is another. So when you have finally made the decision of buying a used vehicle from a different country. It’s crucial to know how much money you will be required to pay for getting your vehicle cleared from your local port. This will include all import duties, taxes, and port clearance fees.

In addition, make sure that you connect with a local clearing agent who will assist you in knowing all the related charges of getting your vehicle out from the port and additionally will work on your behalf.


Although buying a second-hand vehicle gives you all the flexibility, comfort and ease you have been searching for a while. But it’s quite crucial to know the answers to the aforementioned questions before you began searching for a suitable vehicle for yourself.

Simply stay wise with the options you find over the internet, search for the benefits you can gain from them and eventually buy a vehicle which provides you a blend of both affordability and reliability.

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