Types of Stick on Phone Wallets

A stick on phone wallet is one such mobile accessory that is garnering the interest of the youth as well as the aged people alike. This is mainly because it helps in carrying essentials such as cash and cards conveniently wherever we go. You just need to stick it on your mobile and you are good to go. There is no need to stuff your pocket with that heavy wallet and there is absolutely no need to take care of an extra belonging as you head out for a quick shopping trip if you have a stick on phone wallet in place. Besides being handy, this contemporary wallet also adds to your style.

There are many types of stick on phone wallets available in the market. Let us have a look at some of the popular stick on phone wallet designs and patterns.

Plain Stick on Phone Wallets: As the concept of phone stickers came into being, the plain ones were the first to hit the stores. Many brands came up with plain stick on phone wallets in different colours and shades. These types of phone wallet stickers were and still are quite popular among people of all age groups. These are simple and render a decent look. They serve the desired purpose without catching unnecessary attention. Many people opt for these as they don’t grab the eyeballs and thus appear safer than the others.

These wallets are also loved by middle aged and old people who like to keep it simple and refrain from flashy items. In addition to this, professionals also prefer this type of wallets as they are in line with their formal attire.

Stylish Glittery Pieces: Glittery stick on phone wallets have also gained a lot of popularity. These wallets have gradually become the most popular ones among the various available varieties. You will find a wide variety when it comes to this type. Shimmery particles of different sizes, shapes and colours are filled in transparent material to form this sleek wallet. Some patterns even have glitter particles glued to the outer surface. You will get bright multi-coloured shimmer wallets as well as single-coloured ones. This variety is particularly popular among young girls who love a dash of glamour in every accessory they flaunt. It instantly adds to the appeal of your phone as well as your overall look.

Sassy Confetti Stick on Phone Wallets: This is one of the latest varieties of phone wallets to hit the market. It is loved for its trendy and stylish design. The purpose these wallets serve is, of course, the same as any other kind of stick on phone wallets but these are just more vibrant and chic and this is why these are gaining popularity. Confetti looks super cool. You can find these wallets online as well as in your local market. Confetti phone wallets are available in numerous bright colours as well as light hues.

Wallets with Slogans: Phone wallets with slogans/quotes look extremely cool. You will find several such pieces imprinted with different kinds of quotes including those that are funny, sarcastic as well as thought provoking. People usually tend to pick one that matches their personality or echoes their thoughts. Considered the coolest of the lot, this variety is mainly popular among young boys and girls. Many college goers are seen flaunting these.

Floral Print: Floral prints are also quite popular when it comes to these wallets. These are loved by women of all age groups. There is a wide variety under this category – some have small flowers and leaves imprinted, others have medium sized flowers in multiple colours while yet others have large floral designs. Likewise, those imprinted with butterflies, hearts and stars are also in demand.

Stick on Phone Wallets with Zig Zag Patterns: Zig zag patterns are also quite popular when it comes to phone wallets. Phone wallets with bright zig zag patterns are in fact among the most readily available ones in the market. These are loved by people belonging to different segments, professions and age groups.

Phone Wallets Imprinted with Cartoon Characters and Superheroes: There is a wide range when it comes to phone wallets imprinted with cartoon characters and superheroes. Those with images of superheroes such as Spider Man, Super Man, Hulk and Black Panther are quite popular particularly among young boys. On the other hand, young girls love phone wallets imprinted with characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, Aggretsuko, Little Twin Stars, Chococat and more. Phone wallets imprinted with smiley and other emoticons are also quite in demand.

Sequin Stick on Phone Wallets: Sequin stuff has become a rage among consumers since the last few years. You will find sequin bags, T-shirts, belts, cushion covers and phone wallets too. Sequin makes ordinary things look unique and stylish and this is the reason for its increasing popularity.

There is no dearth of variety when it comes to sequin stick on phone wallets. You will find these in several colours and patterns. Sequin phone wallets in brighter shades such as pink, golden and turquoise are more popular.

Phone wallet stickers caught the consumer interest owing to the utility they offered. However, with time their demand has increased not just because of their utility factor but also because of the style they render. This is the reason why different varieties of these wallets have been crafted. Brands keep coming up with new varieties of stick on phone wallets from time to time to match the taste of different segments of customers.

Some of these become extremely popular while others go unnoticed. The ones we have shared here have been popular ever since these have been out in the market and continue to be a hot favourite among the masses. You will find wide variety of these online.

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