7 Tips for Purchasing Right Cleaning Products and Equipment for your Facilities

How can your office environment improve the overall productivity? Yes, friendly environment, organized structure are both important. But, don’t you think that something is missing? Ok, then let me tell you that cleaning and maintenance of your office have great contribution in the overall improvement of the business. How? The success of any business depends on the performance of its employees to a great extent. Your employees need to spend long 8-9 hours in the office. If it is not hygienic and maintained, they may feel uncomfortable. This kind of environment is not good for a workplace. Are you disgusted by the absent rates of your employees? Have a look at your office. If your office is not clean and maintained, your employees may fall sick frequently. And it will have a bad impact on the productivity of your business. So, if you’ve not given many thoughts to this side, take it seriously now!

Now, as you’ve decided to arrange cleaning and maintenance service on regular basis, you should opt for the best cleaning products and equipment for your business. A corporate establishment requires tons of cleaning supplies. So, it is obvious that you will look for standard products at reasonable price. I will help you choose the right products for your office cleaning and maintenance.

Let’s have a look at certain issues that need your attention before buying these products.

cleaning supplies

1. Look for an SDS provided by the manufacturer:

Have you ever heard of Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)? These sheets inform you how to use the product safely and which product should not be applied on which materials. These sheets follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines . In fact, without SDS, Professional cleaning supplies are not allowed to apply those products. To know more about SDS, check out OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.

2. Check out the Features and functions of the cleaning products:

Whenever you pick a product, don’t forget to check its features and functions. Don’t just believe the features printed on the label. You should ask the providers for a sample test. In fact, you can compare different products with similar features and functions. The things you should compare:

  • Application
  • Dilution
  • Dwell time
  • Rinsing procedure
  • Dry time

3. Try to find out time-efficient and easy-to-use products:

When you test the cleaning products, you would come to know how much time they can take to clean your office. Compare time taken by different products with similar functions. And of course, choose the one that cleans effectively and does not take much time. Products that are easy-to-use are recommended as well.

4. Pick only those products that you need:

You will find tons of cleaning supplies available in the market. You would not have need of each and every cleaning product. So, it is very important for you to make a checklist first of all. In this checklist, include only those products that you really need to maintain the cleanliness of your office. A previously prepared checklist makes it easier for you to choose the right cleaning supplies for your facilities.

5. Don’t pay for water!

You ought to be surprised by this headline. Well, let me explain it. Cleaning products, generally come in two forms; one is diluted and the other is concentrated. Diluted or ready-to-use products are much popular for being user-friendly. But there is a chance that the products you are buying are made of 90% of water. Imagine! In such a case, you are paying for mere water, not for any effective cleaning products! To help people avoid such cheating, I always recommend concentrating solutions. In concentrate solution, the chances of cheating are lees than the former one.

6. Find places from where you can get reasonable products in bulk:

  • Retail store:

Retail stores are just like groceries. You can get the stores available at anywhere and carry the purchased products conveniently within a short time. If you are going to buy tons of cleaning supplies, then buying it from the local retail store will save your transport fair to a great extent.

  • Internet stores and outlets:

It is a great option that can save lots of your time. The online outlets offer a wide range of cleaning supplies from where you can get high-quality products at justifies prices. Even you can get attractive discounts from some of these online outlets. You should ensure that the online outlet practices legitimate business processes.

7. Evaluate your cleaning equipment:

Evaluation of cleaning products is no less important than choosing standard cleaning products. How should we assure that we are looking for the right cleaning equipment? There are two points that you should consider:

A. Warranty:

We all know that warranty can save us from spending a lot of money. So, whenever you are going to buy a cleaning equipment, check out the warranty duration. Apart from these, you should check the reviews in different locations to get an idea about how the manufacturers deal with warranty issues.

B. Supply and maintenance cost:

Don’t forget to review the care and maintenance recommendation feedbacks. You can draft a schedule for expected cleaning supplies replacement ( such as belts, filters, and hoses). And then, calculate the extra cost of these replacements. Product review will help you understand how long the product may last. As per this assumption, you can make an estimate of future expenses.

A Final Takeaway:

Hopefully, you’ve got helpful guidance about how to choose cleaning supplies and products for your establishment. Are you looking for something more? Write us your queries and we will get back to you with the most suitable answers.

If you have any questions, please ask below!