Tips to Select the Right Packaging for your Product

Even if you have come up with a revolutionary product, packaging could be a decisive element in the success or failure of it. There should be enough impetus to separate your product from the rest of the competition and the packaging is the last step in the decision-making for the consumers. The modern-day compliance requirements and supply chain process makes it even harder for manufacturers to come up with the best packaging. Well, here are some tips that should help you get your product out there.

1. Understanding Your Customers

The first step to designing the right kind of packaging, understands your target audience. You need to take into account their age, their beliefs, their culture, their specific needs, their expectations and a lot more. The ideal packaging for a product targeted for teenagers would be a lot different from the ones targeted towards executives. If you are packing a product for the elderly, the package must be easy to open but you can choose to make it a bit interesting (and complicated) if you are targeting people in their mid 20’s.

2. Size Matters

If your product comes as a set of four different items, it would be economical and to design a single package that accommodates all of them. However, you will need to ensure that the package informs about the items adequately and that there is a consistency in all the items. Alternatively, if you are offering the four different items to be brought separately, you will have to decide betweencustom boxes, folding cartons, or other comparable packaging, in order to minimize the cost and facilitate ease of access. The choice will also be highly dependent on the first point.

3. The Packaging Material

The choice of material is highly relevant when you are trying to attach a personality to the brand through the package. Also, you will need to think about economy, design, the transportation requirements, and the type of use and the expectations of the consumers simultaneously. Sometimes, sticking to the standards is a good choice if you are a new brand trying to sell a new product. The packaging material, such as plastic or folding carton packaging, will also be highly dependent on the type of products. Fragile products like glass ware will need a more complicated packaging than food items or FM CG. Research and find the best that suits your product.

4. Work On Higher Visibility

There is no reason to invest too much time on the design and quality of packaging if it is rarely noticed by the customers. If you are selling online, the packaging should be all about making the product fit for transportation. Consumers won’t mind a brown corrugated box delivered to their doorsteps when they have already paid for the product. However, if your product is meant to compete on the store shelves, the packaging should be attractive, fulfill some expectations and also present something new. Some manufacturers invest in creative packaging to add functionality to the product and this can be an extra selling point for the goods.

5. Put Across A Story

Lastly, it would be worthwhile if your packaging design can tell a story. Several modern sellers are using their package to promote their beliefs of a greener environment or their contribution to the society in any form. If you have a similar story to tell, the packaging would be a great platform.


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