How Unique Unboxing Experience Can Build Up An Online E-Commerce Brand

Unique-unboxing-experience-can-build-up-an-online-e-commerce-brandWith the changing scenario in the marketing sector, it is being noticed that the online e-commerce brands are getting popular each day. People are sitting at the comfort of their homes, clicking on to some products and within no time it is reaching their doorstep.

Most of the time the buyer do not even remember how he received the package because it came in a boring brown box. The worst scenario would be receiving a package in a cramped box.

Whereas if the buyer receive a package decently decorated and designed personally for him, he will be overwhelmed and immediately get emotionally attached to the brand without even being personally met.

Analyzing the customer’s behavior, it can be rightly said 52 % of the customers are likely to return back to the online e-commerce brand that send them premium packages. This is considered to be one of the most cheapest and accurate ways of gaining loyal customers.


In the recent past packaging was done just to protect the item within the box throughout the shipping procedure. But with the rapid growth in the e-commerce, packaging is a representation of the brand itself. Impressed with your packaging an overwhelming customer will definitely like to share their positive reviews online.

What is the main aim of this branding?

It’s aim is to impress the customers, so that they return and shop from you in future. Building up a strong brand name is the ultimate purpose of every e-commerce business; and “ unboxing experience” is one of the main ingredients through which you can easily achieve this target.

Lets get into the whole details of the unique packaging supplies through which an e-commerce brand can always attract customers.

Here are some points your e-commerce brand need to focus in details:

1. What is Unboxing Experience?

“ unboxing experience” means the experience that you give your customer when they open a parcel. It might be the first ever experience that a customer will have of your brand. So you need to be very particular and obviously unique at the first go.

While a customer enters a brick and mortar shop the way the shopkeeper treats him, is what that strikes him the most. In the same manner when a package from you reaches a customer, it is your way of treating a customer which will help him in considering you next time. So to impress your customer you have to give a unique and everlasting experience to them so that they fall in love with your brand.

2.What are the factors that add up to this unboxing experience?

There are some points that you need to take into consideration while you want to give your customers a unique unboxing experience:

1. Get the packaging supplies that will affect your customers emotionally.

2. The looks must be eye catchy.

3. The feel must be soothing.

3. How to connect deeply with your customer’s emotions?

There are so many things that can be taken into consideration when you want to create a unique unboxing experience. But to streamline and manage things down here are few ideas for you to give your customer a great unboxing experience:

  • Box: Forget about that boring brown box and get some new innovative ideas for the box. It might be costly but the output will be worth the cost.
  • Sticker: Stickers are a great idea and you can always use them while you send a package to your customer. Rather than printing on the box, sticker always connect emotionally with the consumers.
  • Personal Note: Within the box add a small personal note addressing to the customer. This will make the customer feel attached to your brand.
  • Tapes: Rather than using those boring transparent tapes, why not use printed colored tapes to pack the box. These tapes will add element to your packaging and buy you a good name.

4. How the unique packaging supplies extend your brand name?

When the customers will be overwhelmed with your packaging, automatically they will like to make videos of their experience, talk with friends and family about it and also share it on social media sites.

This is what that will spread your brand name and make you popular day by day. Happy customers will keep on returning to you and will also bring in some more happy customers those who will like to buy from you.

So without getting connected to your customers personally, you can get your customers emotionally attached to you with your unique packaging. This is how your online e-commerce brand will flourish automatically and will build a brand name for you.


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