Don’t Get Scammed: The Pro’s & Con’s of Buying Used Gadgets Online

The world of technology just keeps advancing and with new gadgets hitting the shelves daily, keeping up to date can be tricky. However, those of us who are looking for a great bargain on reliable technology can take advantage of these constant developments. With more people going after the latest iPhone’s, tablets and laptops, many more people are selling used and refurbished devices online for on average 30% less than their “new” equivalents*. However, many people are reluctant to dive into the world of cheap refurbished gadgets for a number of reasons. However, by considering all the pros and cons to investing in affordable, pre-owned technology, you can get a great value smartphone, laptop or tablet that works as good as new; but costs a fraction of the price.


Much Cheaper than New Gadgets

The main reason most people seek out a refurbished gadget is often due to the low price tag, and it’s no secret that used or refurbished tech is far cheaper than new products. Sites which offer used and refurbished products also often have a gradient in which you know the condition of the product. “Refurbished” products are sold as “in new” condition and many used products are in “good as new” condition. This means you often can’t even tell the difference between a used and new product!

Save Money Long Term: Buying a handset outright also means you can save money on your phone contract. Being tied into a mobile contract with your new iPhone can cost between £60-£75 per month for the latest version and £17-£45 per month for earlier versions. However, when you buy the handset and join providers such as GiffGaff, prices start from just £5 per month for all versions.


Higher Chance of Things Going Wrong

On the other hand, one of the main doubts people have about buying second-hand technology online is that they will encounter problems. The main reason people can run into problems when buying a used gadget is that they are purchased from an unreliable source. With many sites online where people can sell their old gadgets from home, some sellers just don’t have the ability (or desire) to properly restore their gadgets to their original condition.

How to Avoid: Buying from reliable companies through discount sites, means you can find promo codes for famous stores such as Curry’s, eBay and Laptops Direct on refurbished and used laptops. As well as offering a more secure way of buying tech online, this means that if something does go wrong you can easily contact the company either in person or online to help resolve the issue.


You Can Purchase Older Models

Although many gadget lovers can’t wait to get their hands on the latest technology, some of us just don’t need all the extra bits and pieces. If you aren’t a fan of the latest version of iPhone, or just don’t need the extra features available on the newest laptops, buying used items can be a great option. Save even more as you are buying an older version, and stick to the gadgets that you like without overspending in the wave of trendy tech.


Often has Shorter Shelf Life

Although some used gadgets are in “as new” condition, and you would hardly be able to tell the difference between that and a new product, sometimes it isn’t that easy. Used items often still incur some general wear and tear which can mean that it doesn’t last as long as a new product. In terms of cost, you need to weigh up the saving compared to the potential shelf life.

How to Avoid: When you buy from big companies such as Apple to purchase your used/refurbishehrd gadgets, you get a year long warranty included. This year long warranty is the same as on new products, so you can save by buying a used device and get the same security if your device goes wrong, as if your new device were to encounter problems.


Environmentally Friendly

With almost 50% of the UK recycling their household waste, it’s clear that people care about the effect that they have on the environment. However, rarely do we think about the environment when it comes to shopping for our new gadgets. But with electrical waste now hailed as the fastest growing waste problem in the world, things need to change. When buying refurbished or used gadgets, you are helping to reduce the amount of waste and reuse a product which otherwise would be contributing to this worldwide environmental issue.


Lack of Customisation & Choice

If you know exactly the model of smartphone what you want or are keen to grab the most up to date products; you may not be able to find it refurbished/used with the features you need. The more complex you need your new device to be, the less likely it is you will find exactly what you want in the used/refurbished range. However, by balancing the cost of your customised new product vs settling for a simpler version, you may well decide it’s not worth it. I mean, would you rather pay an extra £100 on a rose gold iPhone for stash the cash for a holiday?

How to Avoid: If you do need extra features and are particularly tech savvy (or have a friend who is) you can always buy cheap computer components online to customise your gadget. Sites such as eBuyer, and SCAN UK. Create your very own gaming PC, or just add some features which could add hundreds to your devices worth.

Weighing up the pros and cons is always essential when shopping on a budget, especially for technology, which can come with a high price tag. Buying used or refurbished items is a fantastic way of getting high end tech at low prices, especially if you are looking for a mid-range device which isn’t the latest version. On top of the financial benefits, the environmental benefits are not to be scoffed at, and you can help save both the planet and your bank account just by investing In a used or refurbished gadget from a reputable retailer.

* The Mirror, 2018;

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