6 Ways Product Packaging Can Influence Consumer Behavior

Product packaging is one of the most important marketing tools to boost brand awareness and influence buying decisions. (source: European Journal of Scientific Research)

We are often told not to judge a book by its cover but the fact remains that the human brain is hard-wired to react to visual cues in a certain way. This explains why different sensory clues elicit different emotions, pique interest and evoke the desire to buy something.

Understanding the impact of packaging on consumer behavior and buying decisions is important not just for manufacturers and marketers but also for investors and retailers who design, develop and sell products. Custom packaging solutions not only catch attention but also convey volumes about a brand’s value and consumer benefits. For all of these reasons, paying extra attention to product packaging is vital for commercial success in today’s overcrowded and increasingly loud consumer market.

The Benefits of Packaging beyond Utility

Custom product packaging does much more than just keeping a product safe and contained until it is bought. It acts as the brand’s spokesperson that plays multiple roles in the sales process by captivating the consumer’s attention in a split second, creating interest with a compelling message and finally, evoking the purchase desire with an appealing offer. A fashionable and functional product package is the key to maximizing sales in many ways.

1. By Conveying Brand Features

Branding is much more than the company’s logo and color scheme. It can be creatively crafted to induce emotions and incorporate messaging with:

  • An Influential Logo

Consumers have a tendency to associate certain emotions to specific brands and this is also applicable to logos. An influential logo triggers brand recall within seconds and if they’ve had a positive experience previously, then this encounter will work to reinforce brand loyalty and help you build a long-term relationship with consumers.

  • An Eye-catching Color Scheme

According to product packaging experts, colors are the fastest way to attract the consumer’s attention and increase brand awareness. Colors play a powerful role in influencing buying behavior which is why they are used in every marketing situation. From popup adverts and banners to CTA buttons and clearance sales, colors successfully induce emotional triggers that influence buying behaviors so pick them wisely for your package.

  • Attention-Grabbing Product Packaging

According to an infographic published on, 52% of online shoppers return for a purchase if they were delivered their order in a premium package. Consumers are also most likely to reuse an attractively designed package which again helps increase brand awareness and cognitive recall.

  • Effective Typography

The choice of font can mean the difference between converting customers and driving them away to competitors. Just the way colors attract customers, catchy typography lures customers to quickly scan the information and make a purchase decision. If the product packaging is both legible and attractive, it has a big impact on how the consumer perceives your brand and the product‘s value.

2. By Changing the Buying Behavior of Consumers

40% of consumers said they would share the photo of a product on social media if they found the packaging unique and interesting.

30% businesses have reported an increased consumer interest when they paid attention to packaging.

According to Business Insider, consumers typically take just 7 seconds to make a snap judgment based on the product packaging.

These stats clearly prove that your product packaging must appeal to your target audience at every level. It should be visually appealing so your consumer picks it up from the shelf, should include your icon so that it taps into the consumer’s mind and the typography should enable the consumer to quickly scan relevant information and arrive at a decision.

3. By Stimulating the Senses

What makes a package appealing? The answer depends on the product that you are selling. For instance, a green milk carton may conjure an image of sour milk but the same color makes an appealing package for garden products.

Custom packagingthat is carefully crafted to inspire purchases typically solves a pain point, provides a special, quality experience, conveys the brand’s personality, and most importantly does not leave the consumer guessing.

4. By Making a Lasting First Impression

Product packing should be designed to make a statement in a split second. The Fiji water bottle does a great job when it comes to calling attention in a crowded space with its unique shape. Other good examples of product packaging that makes a lasting first impression are Goldfish tea bags and ubiquitous cheese cracker snacks.

5. By Going Eco-Friendly

90% consumers reuse product packaging which means it will also act like an advert and bring you brand exposure. So, apart from being attractive, the packaging should be reusable and eco-friendly to create an impact on today’s environmentally aware consumers. Eco-conscious brands have a distinct advantage when it comes to influencing consumer behavior as they are perceived in a positive light. So, go smart with an eco-friendly packaging because consumers are also willing to switch brands for this one reason!

6. By Adapting to Display Requirements

Apart from a captivating look and feel, the product packaging design must also take into consideration the intended display space whether it is a shelf, a stand, or a detachable pegboard. Whether your product is sold through mass merchandisers or displayed on a window pane to entice people, it must be versatile enough to sit anywhere with ease and attract eyeballs.

Product packaging matters and working with an experienced team that understands consumer psychology and has the expertise in custom packaging that blends style, appeal, and elegance in one package can make a massive difference to your marketing efforts.

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