5 Factors to Consider When Shipping Products to Customers

If you are running an online store like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart etc. then this article will prove to be helpful for you. Shipping dozens or maybe hundreds of packages regularly is perhaps common for your business. When you ship products to customers in a proper, efficient and cost-effective manner, they are more likely to buy products from your store again.

Here are some factors you should keep in mind to deliver products in a sound condition to customers, and thereby retain them:

1. Proper Packaging:

Your first impression is created, when the customer gets the package at their doorstep. Your brand name is at stalk this time, therefore the packaging must be done right. When the customer receives the product they have ordered, the first thing they see are the packaging and safety measures taken to deliver the product safely to them.


Moreover, the packaging material is a good way of branding. You can add your logo on the box and promote it worldwide. When you have quality packaging and shipping supplies, you can make sure that your product is delivered to your customers in a good condition, which makes your customer happy when they open it.

2. Time of Shipping:

It is very irritating and frustrating for a customer to wait for his product. After the customer has ordered a product online, you must estimate a date within which his product will be reaching him. It’s better to keep the date within 1 or 2 weeks of the month. This process will help you retain your customers. Once your customers get bored while waiting for their product to arrive, they won’t feel like ordering from you again.


3. Cost of Shipping:

One of the biggest challenges that the shipping companies face is to remain price competitive with the local stores. People will always like to go buy it from the local stores. Why will they ever go to buy it from the online stores? If only the price is comparatively less and the product is of good quality, the customers will go for the online stores. If you cut down the shipping cost and bring the product to the customers at a minimal price they will continue to be your customers.


4. Return of the Shipped Product:

You must always provide your customer the convenience that they can return the product if they do not like it or if there is a damage. This policy must be given to the customers in written so that they can be assured that they have nothing to fear if they do not like the product.


The return shipping must be free of cost and the exact monetary value of the product should be returned to the customer. This will build a trust factor for you in the customer’s mind and they will be your loyal customers.

5. Feedback of the Customers:

The bottom line will be, never omit the importance of packaging and shipping supplies. You must always be careful while selecting the boxes or material you pack your products with. Your customer’s feedback is very important for you because it increases your brand awareness further. When the customers get their product right, and find it packed well, they will always give a good feedback which is valuable for your brand name to grow.

So these are the factors you should consider to impress your customers. If you are seeking quality packaging and shipping supplies, Serv-All Packaging is ever ready to help you. You can buy packing boxes and other packaging materials from them. They always offer the best and quality products.


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