Shop For Food Discounts At Walmart – 5 Ways To Save More In Summer 2022

Everybody wants to be able to cut back on costs whilst also finding ways to maximize either quality, quantity, or both, in the things they buy. While this may not be too easy to do in certain stores, supermarkets like Walmart help to make the challenge far simpler. Better yet, with a wide range of products on offer, you may just find that there’s something for everyone.

Quality foods for excellent prices

While people shop at Walmart for an array of needs, there are many who come to these supercentres predominantly for food shopping. Aside from having an array of high-quality foods in store, one of the biggest benefits that Walmart offers is its low costs. For many of those who are looking to save some cash without having to sacrifice quality or quantity, this is the place to be.

Whether you’re interested in ingredients for big family meals, snacks, fresh fruit and veg, or just drinks, Walmart is the place to be.

5 ways to save money this summer

Want to get an idea of how you could cut back on costs? You’re not the only one – and fortunately for you, we’re here to give you a helping hand. Here are just 5 things that you could do to save at Walmart:

  1. Be considerate of what you buy

In many cases, it goes without saying that you’ll need to be careful with what you buy if you want to be able to save. Of course, some things are going to be more expensive than others and just being a little more cautious and shopping smart can often make a difference.

  1. Start buying private label products

One of the best ways to make sure that you cut back on your spending is to switch from name brands to Walmart’s own brand of foods.

  1. Take advantage of Walmart’s coupons

There are many coupons available for those looking to save money at Walmart, especially during the summer – which just makes it even easier for you to lower your costs.

  1. Buy from the reduced section

There are some excellent deals in the reduced section. They may be closer to their sell-by and use-by dates, or be a little damaged, but there are some discounts that you just won’t want to miss out on.

  1. Save even more with a Walmart rewards card

For many of those who want to shop at Walmart, saving is one of the most important points – and this is where the rewards card comes in. The more you buy, the better your discounts will be!

Great summer produce

Asian Pear (July – September)

If you love a good pear, or are a fan of apples and would like something a little different, the Asian pear is essentially a cross between the two. They are crisp and refreshing, and with high-water content, make a fantastic snack in the summer months. They can be refrigerated for up to three months, so those who find that fruit goes off too quickly will be grateful for the long shelf-life. As they’re best fresh, served peeled and chopped, they can make a great addition to an array of salads.

Beetroot (best June – October)

While beetroot grows all year round, they are especially good in the summer. This sweet root vegetable is so versatile and can be great raw, cooked, and in a host of dishes. You can juice it, stick it in a soup, or have it as a side – but that’s not all, the leaves are edible and can really revolutionize your typical salad! The vibrant color is sure to brighten up meal times and they are a firm favorite with kids. Not only are they typically affordable, but because you can buy them at any time at Walmart, you’re likely to get them at a discount, too.

Cherries (May – August)

As one of the most well-loved fruits around, it’s no surprise that you’ll come across cherries in almost every store. They can be expensive when out of season (as they are typically imported in the off months), but savings can be found throughout summer. They are sweet, sour, and with a deep red color that catches the eye, you simply won’t be able to pass them up. As they contain a high amount of potassium, they can be a fantastic addition to healthy eating plans and will keep your heart healthy.

Summer Squash (June – August)

Just like beets, squash really comes into its own in the summer. You’ll find so many varieties, that it’ll be easy to find your favorite and enjoy it in soups, salads, and more. With zucchini, tatuma, pattypan, and crookneck squash flourishing at this time of year, you really will be spoiled for choice and able to buy them for a brilliant price.

Watermelon (June – August)

No summer produce list would be complete without watermelon. Slice it, dice it, blend it, and add it to salads – it’s versatile and pairs well with mint, chilis, and even savory cheeses. It can be fantastic for refreshing kid-friendly drinks and adult cocktails alike, so you can add it to your menu with little fuss.

Hot summer items

Produce isn’t the only summer bargain to be had at Walmart. You can go in-store at this time of year and find a whole host of special deals on a host of products. You can enjoy cheaper swimming pools and accessories, camping equipment, outdoor furniture, kids toys, beachwear, swimming costumes and accessories, coolers, and more alongside discounts on all the typical items you know and love like furniture, homewares, and electronics.

Walmart aims to be your one-stop shop all year round and summer is no different, so why not swing by today?

Take advantage of the offers at Walmart

There’s nothing quite like some of the price cuts here at Walmart. When you want to save, you simply can’t overlook the discounts. Essentially, this is one of the best ways to stick to a budget, so it really is important to keep in mind whilst shopping. For more information on what kinds of deals you can expect this week, be sure to pay a visit to Walmart’s website, or take a look at the Walmart weekly deals flyer for more info.

How much could you save at Walmart?

The amount that you’re able to cut back in costs will generally depend heavily on how you shop; the items you buy, the kinds of discounts going on at the moment, and even how much you buy in one go can all make a difference.

If you have any questions, please ask below!