5 Reasons Why Antique Jewelry Is a Timeless Investment

While it is easy to find jewelry designed in the style of a specific era, nothing beats an antique piece created during that time. This is because it uses the crafting techniques and materials of that era.

Reliable dealers will always identify a piece of jewelry by its date of creation or the era it was made in. Unfortunately, some unreliable dealers use the word ‘antique style’ as a reproduction indicator.

It’s Unique

No one else will likely have the same item when you purchase antique jewelry. This is especially true if the piece is from an older, more distinct era of jewelry history, such as the Victorian Era (1837-1901), the Art Nouveau era (1900-1914) or the Retro period (the late 1870s to 1950s).

When looking for pieces that fit into these eras, remember that it’s important to know what distinguishes each. For instance, certain hardware features, such as clasps (like the lobster claw kind seen on modern bracelets and brooches), only came into widespread use in later decades.

Also, remember that antique jewelry and vintage pieces are usually handmade and feature details like hand-engraved filigree work and unique designs you won’t see in mass-produced items today. This makes them a true one-of-a-kind. Plus, by purchasing a piece that’s already been made and used, you won’t be contributing to new, earth-damaging mining and production processes or supporting businesses further up the supply chain that negatively impact people in resource-heavy countries.

It’s Timeless

Antique and vintage pieces are valued better than newer jewelry because of their rarity. For example, rare natural pearls generate much interest at auctions or estate sales. Likewise, name-brand vintage pieces like Chanel or Dior will have a lot of resale value. In addition, antique pieces often contain materials and gemstones that are scarce today (for instance, gold).

Also, unlike modern jewelry, antique pieces weren’t mass-produced, so you will unlikely find another identical piece of the same design. This makes them truly one-of-a-kind and very eye-catching.

Although antique & vintage jewelry requires more care and attention than modern jewelry, it can still last for years with proper care. In addition, it’s a great way to make a sustainable fashion choice since you’re conserving rather than consuming resources. Plus, you’ll have a history that can tell a story for generations!

It’s a Family Heirloom

Most people have one or more antique or vintage pieces of jewelry inherited from family members. From engagement rings to necklaces, bracelets and brooches, heirloom jewelry symbolizes the ties that bind families together.

The beauty of antique and vintage jewelry is that each piece is unique. Due to smaller production runs and a lack of mass production, it’s highly unlikely you’ll see another person wearing the same style. This gives antique and vintage jewelry an artifact-like quality you can’t enjoy from new jewelry.

Additionally, when you purchase antique or vintage jewelry, you acquire a beautiful piece and preserve a part of history. This is a sustainable way of shopping as you’re reducing the need for more resources to be extracted and made, making it the eco-friendly choice.

It’s Affordable

Antique jewelry is a lot less expensive than modern jewelry, and it’s often tax-exempt in many countries. This makes it a fantastic value, especially if you buy vintage name-brand pieces that would otherwise be out of your price range. Moreover, since vintage jewelry tends to be very well made and features rare gemstones, you’re getting high-quality craftsmanship and a piece that will last for generations for just a fraction of the price.

There are also no manufacturing costs when buying an antique piece, so you can avoid paying premiums for branding and other retailer overheads. Additionally, you’re often supporting smaller independent retailers who share your passion for antique jewelry and have their unique selection to choose from rather than large faceless corporations.

Finally, buying vintage and antique jewelry is a great way to reduce your environmental impact. The fast fashion that gets discarded and replaced annually generates up to 10% of global carbon emissions, so investing in classic pieces that last years will shrink that number considerably.

It’s Fun

When you shop for antique pieces, it can be hard not to get hypnotized by the exquisite details of intricate facets and filigree patterns. These pieces are truly works of art, and they’re bound to be more unique than a new piece produced in large quantities. In addition, sourcing antique jewelry supports traditional craftsmanship skills and helps to keep those unique designs alive well into the future.

Additionally, if you’re a history buff, searching for antique jewelry is an exciting way to explore each era’s different styles and trends. From the dramatic gold jewelry of the 60s to the. However, ensure you’re dealing with a knowledgeable seller to avoid being tricked into purchasing a modern reproduction falsely labeled as an antique. A piece must be 100 years old or older to qualify as an antique.

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