Tips to Choose a B.Tech College in Jaipur

JECRC-FoundationEngineering is the most preferred career option for students who are inclined towards technology. In fact, B. Tech is the most popular undergraduate degree in the whole country. The reason may be due to challenging course content, superior placements, wide employment opportunities etc.

We notice that more and more students and even ambitious parents are seeking the most prestigious institutions for the admissions of their wards. As JEE Main scores will now be considered for admission to the top colleges in Rajasthan, replacing the previous RPET (Rajasthan Pre Engineering Test), the scenario is even more competitive with aspirants battling to receive the best education in the country.

Undoubtedly, Rajasthan has proved to be a favourite zone for engineering aspirants for admissions, but there is always confusion in selecting the ‘best amongst the best' institution. So in this article we suggest you some tips to select the best B.Tech College in Jaipur.

  • Expertise in the field of your choice: As B. Tech consists of various fields like Civil, Mechanical, Computer Science, IT etc. it is essential to choose the college that in particular offers the field of your choice and has good faculty for the same.
  • Good Rankings: Ranks can be subjective or spurious but still, there is no harm in giving them a look. Rankings from authentic sources are the ones that are reliable. So surf the internet, look for the rankings, and compare colleges based on their placement offers, graduation rates, innovations and project work.
  • Superior Infrastructure: This is a very essential criterion as good infrastructure accompanies effective learning. Availability of comfortable study environment for students is important, which is not just promised by plush buildings, but by well-equipped labs, classrooms, seminar halls and workshops.
  • Faculty: It is highly recommended to look for the premium faculty because these define the quality of education in a college. Look for their qualifications, research experience, and general reviews.
  • Facilities: You may include transportation, hostel facilities, libraries, clubs, internet, gym, etc.
  • Healthy Academic Competition: A good indicator for this criterion can be result reports, student achievements in various fields and active student participation. Having a nice crowd with good companions around you is something that should not be ignored. Remember, no one can live in isolation and we all learn so much from the people around us.
  • Placement & Industry Exposure: Industry exposure and interactions are very important, as it reflects the capability of the college to bring students and the industry to a common interface. Placements, corporate meets, alumni profiles can also be considered.
  • Active academic support programmes: These may include popular seminars, conferences, exchange programmes etc. This gives students a platform to talk, converse, develop a point of view and gather knowledge.
  • Student review and personal visit: It is the most widely used method of knowing about a college. Gather student reviews as they provide an insight into the internal environment of the institution. Ask reliable people, collect personal experiences of others and then make a visit to the campus.

These tips are neither mutually exclusive nor exhaustive, so always try to balance the attributes for any college that is present in Jaipur. There are many prestigious B. tech colleges in Jaipur, so popularity of the college and the crowd is important, but do not let yourself get too much persuaded by them. Keep all these things in mind and choose your next academic destination.

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