Most Popular Science Websites

scienceIf you are looking for information on anything science-related, chances are you will find it on at least one of the following websites. These six sites are the web’s most popular science resources and are favorites for their wealth of information, easy-to-understand articles, breaking news stories and interactive features that make learning about science fun., while not solely dedicated to science, is the web’s most popular authority on the subject. Over 12 million unique visitors browse the site each month to learn about everything from nuclear radiation and oil drilling to Edison’s lesser known inventions and natural disasters. The site’s Science Versus Myth section is particularly interesting, reporting the truth about topics like the fourth dimension, solar energy, time travel and more. In addition to offering informative, easy-to-understand articles, also has plenty of science-minded games and quizzes to educate and entertain.

Perhaps surprisingly, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website is the second most popular science site on the web. Ten million visitors seek out the site each month for active weather alerts, informative articles and detailed reports on the atmospheric changes. comes in third in terms of popularity, bringing in 9.4 unique visitors each month. The site, a companion to the television channel, is filled with compelling information about everything from space exploration and new gadgets to animal psychology and the science of microbrewing. Visitors can also watch clips from Discovery channel shows and specials, including "Survivorman," "Deadliest Catch," "Mythbusters" and the stunning "Planet Earth."

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) website is the fourth most popular science site on the Internet. Nearly nine million visitors check out the site each month, which features amazing photo galleries, exciting live feeds and historical videos of important moments in space exploration. Interactive features include education games on topics like rocket science, the solar system, the future of human space flight, airborne research and the space shuttle era.

The comprehensive science site comes in fifth in terms of popularity, attracting four and a half million visitors each month. No topic is off limits, and the site is regularly updated with articles on subjects as diverse as computer science and chemistry to nursing and astronomy. More than 11 million articles keep visitors informed and the site offers access to over 10,000 professional publications. Excellent for both intense research and casual browsing, is perhaps the most comprehensive and extensive science resource online today. rounds out the list in sixth place, attracting approximately 2.5 million visitors monthly. The site is updated daily with breaking science news, videos and images. Summaries of major findings make it easy for laypeople to understand recent developments, and headlines range from subjects like photonic interactions and microbes to manic genes and global warming.

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