3 Social Media Blunders that Are Destroying Your Brand's Image

Social media is no more just a channel to make new friends and increase social circle. In fact, this incredible platform has taken the world of branding to a whole new level.

Data reveals that more than 90 percent of brands from all over the world are using social media to spread awareness and generate leads.

But, I really want to add an important point over here. Using social media is one thing, but utilizing it effectively to market a brand is an entirely different thing.

To be honest, staying active on social media won't be helpful until you are promoting your brand in a right way.

Therefore, I have decided to reveal some gigantic social media marketing blunders that might come across your way as the biggest barriers.

And, if you want to make your brand stand out of the competition, then it is important for you to avoid the below-mentioned mistakes.

  • Targeting Too Many Social Platforms At a Time

It is a mistake that many start-ups and unprofessional people usually make. Social media is a vast channel that contains various platforms serving different types of audiences.

It is because of this reason, understanding the prospect is extremely essential for you to create a remarkable reputation of your brand.

For instance, if your target audience uses Facebook more frequently, then instead of serving your precious time on Twitter, create a killer strategy for Facebook.

Similarly, when creating a social strategy, analyze each platform closely and select those where your intended audience is more active.

  • Participating in a Race With No Plan At All

Creating a social media profile and positing content is not a smart move to quench the thirst of audience. Instead, you need to observe your audience, their preference, attitude and behavior to formulate a robust plan.

For this, you will also have to keep eye on your competitors too. As this way, you can create a better and more mature social media strategy to serve your people.

I personally like Oreo due to its stunning social media campaigns.

According to me, it is an awesome brand that knows how to treat its prospects well across all social platforms. And, I think that Oreo is a great example to take some real inspiration for future actions.

  • Talking Excessively About the Brand

Today, a potential consumer is now able to differentiate between good and bad. It clearly means that if you are only talking about your brand without giving value to your prospect, then he won't even think of you for a single second.

Remember, talking excessively about the brand is an old school method.

In this social world, you have to portray your brand as a friend or a true problem solver who is always keen to serve his people.

Wrapping It Up:

Social media has a lot more to offer. But, its proper usage totally depends on you. It is due to the reason I would suggest you to follow the aforementioned tips to see a drastic difference.



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