Seven Tips for an Unforgettable Logo Design that Grows with a Brand

Despite being small images, a carefully designed logo has a power to carry a significant information about the business and work as an important component in branding. After providing a bulk of information about the company and its values, a thoughtfully designed logo can benefit entrepreneurs in several ways.

From making a business recognizable to delivering a quick and effective message to customers on the behalf of the brand, a wonderful and memorable business logo design can make the brand unforgettable. Several researches on customer attitudes have revealed that potential customers first look into the company sign before proceeding for further information.

In order to create the right impression in the first attempt, companies whether large enterprises or small setups must focus to design it rightly to grab the customer attention.

Here I am sharing 7 brilliant logo designing tips, which help you to design a logo that grows with your company and business goals.

1) Include your team

No matter how purposefully logos are created, they are prone to change in future. Either due to an expansion of services or products or new business partnerships. A component that remains universal or unchanged is your team. Call the whole team and openly discuss the idea behind creating or choosing a particular business logo design.

It is necessary not only to end up choosing a sensible and memorable design, but also to find out the preferences of your team for a particular design over another design. Ensuring the hundred percent involvement of team while choosing a design will give you a complete peace of mind that everyone in the company will speak out if a question arises.

2) Keep the design simple and clean


Following simplicity, while choosing shapes, colors and font to create a final design are few key components of best logo design. In order to create a universal design try to pick simple, clear and easy to remember shapes and right fonts that work without losing its efficacy both in the form of a small icon and large billboards.

The best way to estimate the level of simplicity show the design to a couple of strangers for few seconds and ask them to draw it. If they fail to draw something identical to your design, it clearly indicates to simplify the design further.

3) Avoid oversimplification and be specific


Although the simplicity of design and wise selection of fewer colors make design admirable, clean and more professional, however, you must avoid touching extremes. As the surplus of anything can destroy the aim of creating a useful thing.

The primary aim of creating a custom logo design is to grab the attention of customers, competitors, and stakeholders of the industry you belong. Being simple doesn’t mean to create ambiguity. Rather, it means removing the complex shapes and fonts that are difficult to understand for most of the people you are interacting with.

Always focus on the message you want to convey as a brand and make every effort to deliver it as clear as you can. A perfectly designed logo is an attractive blend of color and smooth shapes, which is created with the highest resolution and no blemishes.

4) Design with a global perception

In this digital era of technology and internet; where everything has been connected globally via computers and digital gadgets, designing a company sign while keeping the local customers in your mind is the biggest mistake small startups usually do.

Never underestimate the abilities of potential customers to choose the best services and products. As long as you are honestly working hard to serve your customers and ensure providing the best services to consumers, you can grow as an international brand.

In case, if you have compromised on this initial stage of branding and pick a rigid local design that is not flexible to adapt minor changes like change in color accordingly, you will never reap the benefits. Your company badge should be unique and strong enough to be recognized universally.

5) Identify your business needs

Do you belong to a sector whose aim is to increase product sales after using their logo or you need a badge to simply use it to represent their company in the corporate world? Identifying your primary business needs can play a great role and helps you choosing the best design to represent your business in the global market.

Also, keep your audience in your mind especially while choosing the color. Whether they belong to the corporate world or they belong to all walks of life.

Moreover, if you have plans to print large company brochures and print materials like magazines and direct mailings on a regular basis you should select fewer colors or a single color for your design, as printing a design in multiple colors can be very expensive.

6) Transform creatively and avoid intense redesigning


The primary aim of carrying out branding activities is to create the connection and feeling that motivate potential customers to purchase and avail your products or services.

If the current design fails to develop this level of user engagement, you need to reconsider the design. However, do it creatively and avoid sudden unplanned changes.

7) Design a simple logo in the first attempt


Being a startup you should avoid incorporating several shapes, colors, and complex fonts while designing their first logo for brand representation. Perhaps, you are coming up with a brand new service and product and you are sure about how prospective customers will react to your product.

Once you identify the product-market, you can always scale up the existing design to build up a strong brand image.


Whether you are planning to design a logo for a newly launched business or you are willing to revamp the existing design with minor changes, you need to plan it carefully to avoid creating a design that mismatches with identity and values of your brand.

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