How Small Businesses Can Increase Their Brand Awareness [Infographic]

It really is no big secret that small businesses are faced with a number of challenges on a daily basis that large corporations do not have to worry about. It might be possible that your company offers the best products and services available in the region, but if people are not aware of your products and services, how do you expect to make sales? Most of the time big corporations aren’t faced with these problems, because they have advertising teams or the resources to hire them. Along with this, most people are probably already aware of their brand, because it has already been out on the market for years. People already trust in their name.


As a small business owner it is your job and responsibility to ensure that your products and services get the best exposure possible, but how do you go about doing this. Below, you will learn some unique and strategic ways that small businesses can increase brand awareness.

Take Advantage Of The Internet

Just about every home in the United States now has one computer with Internet access, or at least a smartphone that can get online. Regardless, of your expertise with all the resources available in todays time creating and developing a website is not the hardest thing in the world to do. In fact, you can find tons of free or affordable website templates online that are already pretty much built for you. All you have to do is make a few customizations.

However, the real problem will be ensuring that your website ranks high on search engines. You might have to hire a SEO (search engine optimization) professional to get you site the recognition that it needs, but it will be well worth the time and effort that you put in. You also have the option of contacting other website owners and asking them to place your ads and website link on their website.

It will also be in your best interest to find a reputable attorney that specializes in trademark and copyright laws.

Sponsoring Local Teams Or Charities

One of the best ways to get some local brand recognition is to promote a local sports team, host, or contribute to a charity. You can either contribute to a local gold tournament, or sponsor a peewee football team. Your company name, address, and phone number will prominently be displayed on banners and jerseys where all the public can see. Not only will your name be displayed throughout the community, but also you will be seen in a good light for contributing and giving back to the community.

Attend Exhibits

Attending local tradeshows and exhibits can be a highly effective means of advertising to your local market. However, getting a booth in these shows can sometimes be expensive, so you want to make sure that you are prepared to fullest and know exactly what to expect. Just because you show up it does not necessarily mean that you are going to attract all the customers. You need a booth need that not only attracts people’s attention, but a booth that is going to keep customers engaged long enough to absorb your brand and everything that you have to offer.

Some great techniques to do to is to offer some kind if raffle giveaway, setup interactive tasks in your booth that customer can engage in, or giveaway small tote bags with your company’s name and logo.

Enemy Of My Enemy

Not every business out there that is similar to your has to be considered the competition. In fact, there is strength in number, and you might be able to partner with some local businesses in order to better get your brand out on the market. For instance, if a local flower shop wanted to increase brand awareness he or she could team up with local funeral companies or bridal shops in the area. Offering exclusive discounts to customers referred from these shop could also go a long way.

How to Quantify Brand Awareness?


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