The 6 Most Appealing Logo Design To Sway Your Customers

We talk about serious business, making an impression, building an identity and solidifying the foundation. Then, why we consider a logo something of little worth? Lend a thought.

A stylish, trendy logo has great potential to develop unwavering familiarity with the audience. A logo is not just a symbol, but a piece of art with an aim to evoke strong emotions, preferably good. A business without a logo has higher chances of fading away from the memories and losing the grip on the markets. Therefore, the power of a well-built, creative logo shouldn’t be underestimated.

What's the big deal in a logo design, you may wonder. Logo Designing is a key area often considered a ‘walkover'. Frankly, a brand may succumb to non-existence if it lacks a logo. No matter a company is new or in a revamp mode, a pretty logo is important because it has tremendous business value.

To guide the logo designers, we have presented the top 6 arresting logo trends that would never fail to captivate the minds and souls of the audience.

Your customers will see it, recognize it and remember it.

Black and White


Abandon colors, and represent your brand uniquely using a right combination of black and white. The idea may raise a few eyebrows, but believe us, a balanced, no-color logo is a mind-blowing way to create a strong impression and stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t appear ‘dull', but ‘classic'. It is a vintage logo trend that has picked up the momentum and is expected to rule the roost again.



Second to black and white is a logo reflecting the spirit of a company for which it is made. This kind of logo is peppy, vibrant, lively and compelling. However, it needs extraordinary creativity to sketch it. Designers feel that a spirited logo has an immense outreach and can turn a no-customer into a forever-customer.



Third on the list is a logo made using impressive mosaic patterns, used widely to suggest growth, strength and business values. A mosaic logo comes with a dark backdrop and colorful patterns, which oozes quality, charm and sophistication. The reason of its popularity is simple to understand - simple design, less elements and more meaning. This logo does a great job when a company casts its net to win more customers.



A logo with the ‘reveal' effect can be chosen if a company is in search of something dynamic, thought-provoking and powerful. Here, some elements emerge from the rest to create a mesmerizing effect. It may look simple, but the fact is it needs clever minds to make it. This logo renders the desirable impact due to the relationship of contrast between various design components.

Selective Focus


A logo with selective focus is often dubbed as an ‘eye-trick'. Such a logo lacks sharpness, and is highly blurred. The technique is used to accentuate the logo while blending it with the background so as to create a hazy look. There are no sharp edges and no definite elements.The vagueness gets the brownie points.



Miss it-Yes, that's what you can do to create something that is awe-inspiring and highly fetching. Leave things half-done and they will create wonders.

Seeing these flamboyant logos, it is clear that a well-carved logo sends minds to work to understand what exactly a company is trying to convey. A logo speaks and it is up to a designer to set the things right for a beautiful, friendlier impact.

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