A Positive Approach towards New Manager Training—Steps to Create a Successful One

New managers have distinctive needs as they make the critical transition in the organization to a position of greater responsibility. This change requires developing some skills in a quicker manner. Designing new manager training program requires a strong understanding of the skilled participants that will need to succeed in their new roles.

So, discover strategies and best practices for accomplishing the right learning outcomes for the position of new manager. The program hence includes a proper session for lessons that are required for a professional field and especially according to the position. The training would include effective coaching, evaluation and communication process. This is how the managers will also determine the right aspect of the company if joined a new one. Moreover, you will also be able to set proper content and methods for your program. When starting up for the process, plan a map tool for the training and design it according to the different modules.

What to Expect?

Supplemental Resources

This program comprises of tools and templates to help the existing managers to apply what to learn more for the job.

Technical Requirements

This version of the program is conducted in all new managers training center with the need of a web browser and telephone to participate. There are no technical requirements for the direct training program.

Online Courses Only

When having an online program, the managers will collaborate in real time with the facilitator and employers through interactive group discussions, polls, chats, and whiteboards. Also, you need to access to online learning portal with discussion boards and program materials.

New Manager Training

Tips for Creating Effective New Manager Training Program

Training that Needs Assessment

The basic training assessment can be completed in a four-step process. Those steps are:

  • Find a clear business goal to support training
  • Determine the tasks the managers need to perform so; the company reaches the goal
  • Identify the training activities that might help the managers to learn and perform the tasks
  • Identify the learning characteristics of the managers that will make the training more efficient


Hold the manager’s responsibility for participating in the training programs of the organization. Make sure they understand completely for continuous improvement that is the mission critical for their success as well as the firms.

Supplementation of Modules

Supplement the training modules for new manager training program by obtaining relevant suggestions through the head of the organization. Encourage managers to participate and feel empowered to advance the culture of learning.

Develop Training Materials

The employees may create a variety of training materials using several tools during this step. Here’s a look at some options:

  • Use word, excel, and similar Microsoft Office programs to create handouts for new managers
  • Materials for hands-on elements or role-playing elements of the training
  • Use PowerPoint for in-class projections or handouts to deliver the managers.
  • Create flipcharts, posters, transparencies, and computer-generated graphics for presenting visual materials during training session
  • Use e-learning authoring tools for creating computer-based e-learning modules for new manager training programs.

Closing Lines

These were just a few ideas. The makers need to be creative and mix and match these best points for managers’ training needs.


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