3 Ways That Security Cameras Help Law Enforcement Solve Office Crimes

Heightened surveillance in the workplace is becoming the norm as more employers find it necessary to monitor workers and ensure safety and security in the workplace. While employees may see the use of video surveillance as an invasion of privacy, it’s a fact that using video surveillance in the workplace benefits both the employer and the employee.

Yet, security cameras also have a critical purpose in helping law enforcement solve crimes in the workplace. Understanding the sequence of events that transpired before, when, and after a crime occurred in an office can be critical information for law enforcement trying to get evidence and create a list of potential suspects and witnesses.

Investing in a professional-grade security camera system can be the difference between solving workplace crimes and having a hard time trying to solve cases. Here are three ways that security cameras help law enforcement solve office crimes:

Solving Employee Theft and Fraud Cases

Let’s look at some hard facts. According to Statistic Brain, up to 75% of employees have stolen from their employer at least once. Additionally, fraud in the workplace lasts at least two years before it’s detected. These are worrying numbers for any employer, but the good news is, with video surveillance, you can reduce cases of employee theft and fraud.

Security cameras are a vital tool in identifying suspects and witnesses in cases of corporate theft/inventory shrinkage and fraud in the workplace. Thousands of cases related to employee fraud are reported every month in the financial sector and retail stores. Even in non-retail businesses, there’s theft of intellectual properties and company assets.

Law enforcement officers rely on security cameras to solve such cases. They can use video footage and images in a variety of ways. Identifying suspects and witnesses, and the recovery of vital evidence that was not collected initially when solving the specific crime. Because security cameras provide a visual record, they can extremely be helpful in:

  • Identifying suspects who have been accessing workplace systems without authority
  • Identifying employee theft patterns – when it happens, how it happens, and by who
  • Identifying the loopholes that potential suspects use to commit office fraud
  • Identifying affected areas in say – stores or warehouses

While installing security cameras helps deter office crimes, employers must implement other measures to help prevent office and workplace theft. Worker training is also vital.

Solving Security Cases in the Workplace

Commercial properties, including offices, are a frequent target of various crimes, such as theft, robberies, break-ins, property damage, and vandalism. This is a major concern for business owners who must ensure that their property is secure and workers are safe. Having security cameras strategically installed inside and outside the office building is critical.

Law enforcement officers analyze video footage to solve crimes that happen in and outside office areas. Front desks, large offices, parking lots, and office stores are vulnerable areas where crimes may occur. During times like winter, some crimes like theft and financial fraud also increase. Security cameras can be useful in viewing crimes in progress, allowing you to call law enforcement to the crime scene, and even help prevent a crime before it happens.

Security cameras used as part of visitor screening also help law enforcement identify people’s faces and other crucial details needed as evidence to solve security-related crimes in an office building. Take, for instance, something like a car break-in or theft in an office parking lot. Security camera footage can be instrumental in helping law enforcement solve such cases.

They can also rely on video footage to solve cases of illegal trespassing, intrusion, and help monitor security situations in workplaces with a massive influx of visitors. A quality security camera system plays a massive role in getting clear footage that helps police identify small details like license plates. For offices, IP security cameras are ideal as they offer the most benefits.

Solving Employee Safety Incidents

Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Despite this, there are numerous reports of unsafe working conditions and processes, workplace violence, harassment, environmental hazards, and drug abuse in offices. When such cases get reported, law enforcement may come in to solve safety-related crimes and make arrests.

A security camera system helps promote a safe working place and prevents unnecessary accidents or incidents. Any blatant disregard for safety rules or measures in the workplace among employees can be caught on video and help law enforcement take the necessary action. It’s advisable for employers also to consider existing surveillance laws.

Workplace safety concerns are real. It would be best if you looked into the reasons you need to protect your business without overstepping your bounds. It’s essential to protect your workers but at the same time, ensure that you respect their privacy. Most states require that employers notify their employees that the premises are under surveillance. Hidden cameras are not allowed.


Security cameras are beneficial for office buildings in many ways. They not only boost security, ensure worker safety, and reduce employee theft, but also help law enforcement solve office crimes with ease. The latest security cameras systems produce quality video footage and high-resolution images that help law enforcement officers get the evidence they need.

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