Things to Consider when You Are Thinking of an Office Relocation

Are you planning to relocate your office? What the essential things to be considered during relocation? What kind of budget should you set up? Do you require an interior designing solution for your new office? Is the new office location worth the relocation?

Although, office relocation is a tedious process requiring great manpower and investment. Well, consider the points listed below when relocating your office and you will get all the answers to your above queries:

  • Make a well structured moving plan

Before getting started with the moving process, make a well-planned moving plan that will guide you throughout the shifting process. It should include a thorough inspection of all the aspects that need to be covered under the moving plan.

  1. Start and end date of tasks
  2. Timescales of tasks
  3. Distribution of work
  4. Calculation of transportation charges

A Moving plan will guide you throughout the process and help you keep a check on the overall execution of the project.

  • Appropriate allocation of budget

How much is your office relocation going to cost you? How to make the best use of this investment? What will be an appropriate budget for a well-managed office relocation project?

Give it a fair call and allocate an appropriate budget after a thorough research and discussion with your move team. An office budget comes along after an approval from the company owner, make sure you allocate the money in a judicious way because only you will answerable to your boss.

The budget includes an allocation for :

  1. Transportation
  2. Interior designing, if needed
  3. Safety set up at the new office
  4. Office furniture
  5. Logistics
  • Computer, Laptops and Data – I.T setup

An office, most importantly, requires a complete I.T setup, with a well-connected computer, laptop, printers and other office equipment. Check for internet connectivity, electric supply, LAN connections and proper wiring at your new office.

Once you have moved into your new office make sure you don’t use the already installed modems and safety equipment, they might be hacked.

  1. Install new modems for Internet security.
  2. Do not permit staff entry in the I.T Department
  3. Use digital locks for advanced security.
  4. Install CCTV camera with the new infrared technology

  • Look for a well designed office

An important aspect that needs to be carefully examined is an appropriate office design. The office set up should be well spaced and properly designed ensuring proper ventilation and air movement.

Just in case you are not satisfied with the office designing, you can look out for an interior designing solution and call out for an office refurbishment. Let the designers know your requirements and give your new office the dream look.

How should an ideal office design be :

  1. Natural light penetration in the office space.
  2. Skylight installation over the gaming zone.
  3. Use Indoor plants and give your office a natural look.
  4. Well ventilated room setups.
  5. Proper A.C room insulation.
  • Choose the right workplace Location

Before moving into your new office, check if the location is good. A good workplace location will result in high productivity and good company environment. Check for transportation services and network connectivity in the area.

Things to look for in a good workplace location :

  1. Connectivity with the main city
  2. Traffic around the office location.
  3. Cafeteria and Pantry inside the office
  4. Accessibility and Parking around the office
  5. Proximity to other business and services

Choosing the right workplace location will not only benefit the company and its productivity but also keep your staff cheerful and happy.

  • Hiring a commercial moving company

A commercial moving company in your nearby area will be an ideal solution for an on-time, hassle-free office relocation. Commercial movers will ensure all the company equipment, documents, furniture is properly bubble wrapped and transported with the safest means of transport. Its efficient team of skilled packers and movers are dedicated to delivering top quality moving services for great customer experience. Some of the commercial movers in Maryland suggest keep a check of all your essentials before loading them on the vans.

Our list provides all the essential things that need to be considered when thinking of an office relocation. We understand the kind of anxiousness that comes while moving out to a new place, but with a well managed and commercially advanced moving company, you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you have any questions, please ask below!