Creating a Work Environment Where Your Employees Don’t Fear You

Being the leader in a company is not easy in a sense that everyone in the team looks up to you. At the same time, they also fear you. When you become too relaxed as a boss, they might not work hard as you would have hoped they will. On the other hand, when you are too strict, it creates an environment of fear and distrust.

The key is to let everyone know that even if you are the boss and your orders have to be followed, you can also be trusted. They can come to you and let you know how they feel. Try breaking the barriers if you can. Here are some more tips to make sure that your employees feel relaxed at work and build an atmosphere of trust.

Always have a positive disposition

The way they see you each day as you enter the workplace can affect impression of you. If you always smile and are generally positive when you meet other employees, they become more trusting of you. They will immediately see you as someone whom they can talk to. However, if you don’t show a positive spirit and you frown early in the morning, this can also negatively affect their impression of you.

Allow flexibility at work

Some managers tend to be very strict with their employees. They don’t allow them to take a leave even if they have emergencies to attend to. They also set really close deadlines. There is nothing wrong in being firm with your decision, but you should also take into considerations the situation faced by your employees. In some instances, allow them to work at home as long as they can get the job done within the period set. If the job is too heavy and the employee asks for an extension, you can either give it to them or find another employee to help out. Being too strict with them does not help in making them more productive.

Introduce something fun

Take some time off to have fun games and activities at work or outside work. Buy a dart board or a pool table so those who are stressed out can take a pause and play. Of course, there should be some rules in using these areas. You might also want to introduce a mystery game and allow everyone to guess the mystery person or event.

At least once a year, take everyone in the team out for an outing. Head to the beach or a relaxing place where you can do team building activities or just gather with families. This is also another way of connecting everyone in the team and allowing a more personal interaction.

Never forget to say something good

Say thank you or congratulations to employees who deserve these words. Don’t be too conservative in using them. Of course, you want to use them only when appropriate. Just don’t be too picky. Even some small favors done for you or the team deserve gratitude. When there is someone who has accomplished something really big, let everyone know about it. Throw a party to say thank you or make an announcement that everyone can hear.

Allow employees to work their own way

We all have our respective ways of working. Some of us would want to work in a really quiet environment while others can work when there is music. Some employees love chitchatting to pick the brains of one another while others prefer being alone so they can focus. For as long as they don’t disturb others, allow them to work in whatever manner they feel would make them more productive.

You can even support it by creating more rooms. For instance, those who want to discuss with each other can talk in a private meeting room. Have a relaxing common room for those who want to sit comfortably or even watch movies while working. They would prefer it if you allow them to work in the best way possible or else they will get stuck with the tasks assigned to them. Besides, it also comes with personal responsibility. You allow some freedom on how they work but they should also hold their end of the deal and give the tasks back on time.

Take time to speak with employees individually

You should also be someone whom employees can share with when it comes to personal matters. This does not mean you have to be nosy, but you just have to let them know that you will listen when you can. If there is a way that you can personally help out the company. Tell them to just be open to you. This does not guarantee anything though but it will surely be fine for them. In most cases, employees are not really asking for anything from the company. They just need someone to speak with and that’s enough. Building a strong personal relationship with them can also have an impact with the way they work.

Be clear

No one wants a vague leader. When you want to say something, say it out loud. When there are things you want to do or change, let everyone know about it. Don’t use unclear terms that they won’t be able to understand. It is just like using signage outside your business establishment. It has to be clear and understandable. You can play with words and images but the main message should be sent to the readers or else they will get confused.

Avoid using metaphors, sarcastic remarks or undertones when you tell instructions or express your feelings. This will just cause chaos as they have to guess what exactly it is that you mean. You don’t have to be rude. You just need to be straightforward.

It takes time to build a good relationship with the people whom you are working with. Trust is not something that people give overnight. Just be patient and always create a relaxing environment. They will give the trust you deserve soon.

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