The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Careers

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to handle one’s emotions and perceive other’s feelings. Emotional Intelligence not even have a strong impact on your personal but also make you grow in your professional world as well, no matter where you work.

You must be asking yourself how emotions have such a great impact on our behavior and performance? The main and the important reason is the person might not expect that the decision which we are making is utterly rational with a strong emotional element. It is well said that the decision which we make at work or at an office is emotion versus rational. We are confident about the consequences and come to a point to decide things emotionally and spent hours, weeks, months, or maybe years underpinning these decisions with logical justification.

Emotions always win the decision and happen to choose inappropriate things. It goes the same with the workplace. It makes the decision making weak and there will be certain work flaws. Considering and developing your Emotional intelligence can have positive effects on personal and career. Hence many big scale organizations are investing to introduce Emotional Intelligence to their employees. Though there are plenty of EQ lessons available online.

The four key components of emotional intelligence he believes are essential to professional success:

  • Self-awareness – The ability to find the emotion and understand how they react and how impactful it will be for others around them.
  • Social awareness – The ability to connect with other people by understanding their emotions.
  • Self-management – The ability to stay positive and make the culture-positive by implementing good and effecting measures to boost up the awareness.
  • Relationship management – The ability to effectively manage relationships and build great teams.

Why is Emotional intelligence important for business

  • The concept of Emotional Intelligence reflects the personal qualities which are listed above and it strongly influences your both personal and business success at the modern workplace.
  • For businesses, it is implied to everyday decisions considering hiring, promoting, leading, and firing. Once we get to know about the source of such emotions especially when we are working in a team then we get to know that we are more attentive to the meeting. Due to urban development, EQ plays an important role when teams are cross-cultural and global, hike in the complexion of the interaction of emotion and how well they are being expressed. Emotional intelligence at work comes down to understanding, expressing, and managing good bonds with the clients and team people and the ability to solve problems under pressure.

Benefits of Emotional intelligence at work:

Following are the few important benefits of Emotional Intelligence:

  • It allows for better teamwork – It forms a great team if all the members are emotionally intelligent. They exchange good communication, have a good amount of trust in each other, and value each other’s input. When someone comes up with a suggestion, they respond positively and productive way.
  • You can deal with change – People with Emotional intelligence are ready to accept the changes coming their way. At work, there will be several individuals who will make the change in negatively and will not be ready to accept it but an emotionally intelligent person takes it with positivity and inspires the other fellow team members to feel the same.
  • You can manage the hard conversations – Dealing with an angry customer or upset employee, the difficult conversation can mix all emotions at the same time. If you have the skills, then you will be handling it by emotionally getting connected and resolve the problems.
  • It’s essential people skill – Emotionally intelligent people gain trust easily and have a good rapport. The best fit for any role is working in a team.
  • It’s a key feature of being a strong leader – Great leaders understand people. They know how they will work, how they’ll influence and inspire them. An emotionally intelligent person can drive their team in the right direction.

If a person is knowing how to deal with emotions of yourself and others is critical skills. The concept of EQ is increasing and turning an important topic to the world and research says it’s a link to success. While building up your EQ, you can create a more meaningful and productive relationship in personal and professional life.

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