Very Easy Jobs You Can Do For Extra Cash

find-jobLife can sometimes be incredibly busy, and stressful. Everyday life brings about stress in our relationships, finances, and health. We’ve all been through periods of our life that seem more stressful than others. Maybe someone in the family has fallen ill, and needs a caretaker. Or maybe you’ve just been through a rough divorce, and are mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted.

During these times you’ll still need a source of income (of course unless you’re one very well off), but you simply may not have the mental stamina to deal with the stress of a full time career.

So what are you to do? Well, there are jobs that nearly anyone can do that will allow you to earn an income, but not necessarily come home at the end of the day completely stressed out. Here are 7 of the best, and also super easy jobs you can do:

1. Become a substitute teacher

Subs already have a lesson plan ready for them when they walk in the door, and because they’re not full time teachers they don’t need to stay after hours to complete work. It’s simple to walk in the classroom in the morning, follow the teacher’s lesson plan, and head home in the evening. The only stress involved is watching over a handful of children to keep them on task. To get started, you can research the requirements in your local school district for becoming a sub on Google.

2. Work in a library

Libraries are only stressful places for students cramming for upcoming tests. For workers, the environment is serene, and the workload is often quite low. The only downside is that with the rise of the internet, traditional libraries aren’t as popular as they once were.

3. Become a tour guide

If you can find a museum, park, or exhibit around a topic that truly interests you then it’s an added bonus! Tour guides can perform repetitious work, but this is also what makes it easy. You’ll follow similar routes each day, and if you have an annoying group you’ll get to trade them out at the end of the hour.

4. Become a crossing guard

Crossing guards have an incredibly simple, but also important job. They’re main goal is to help kids cross busy roads to and from school each day. Pay is low because there’s a very limited number of hours you can work each day, but can be a great way to earn extra income.

5. Perform freelance work

Do you have a special skill that local business need? If so, then you can perform freelance work for them. You’ll get to work your own hours, and do something that you’re good at and interests you. If you’re skilled at a digital trade (web design, coding, photo editing) then you can even work for a company on the other side of the world!

6. Baby sit for local kids

Becoming a baby sitter can be a great opportunity for stay-at-home moms. If you already have children then you’ve already been trained for the job, and you can actually earn a healthy income from it. Commercial day-cares are really expensive for working parents, and if you’re trustworthy almost any parent would leap at the opportunity to save cash, and have their child in a real home vs a commercial day-care.

7. Become a bartender

Bartenders can be very busy at nights and on the weekends, but they can earn great cash, and it’s generally pretty fun work. There is a bit of memorization when first getting started to memorize the drink menu, but after you get settled in bartending can be fun and rewarding.

So the next time life has got you stressed out, but you still need an income consider checking out any of these 7 jobs to add a little cash and spice to your life!

If you have any questions, please ask below!