How to Stay in Control of Your Nerves in a Job Interview Session

job-interview-diagramFor some people, job interviews can be nerve racking and pressure filled. After all, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Plus, you really want to get the job, so that adds even more stress to the situation. At such times, a lot of people would normally remember how they had sent in tens and hundreds of application and had possibly passed aptitude and the first stage of screening before being called for the interview and with such thoughts, tension starts to mount. Despite all the stress that a job interview presents, there are simple and effective ways to calm your nerves.

1. Bear in Mind that You are Already a Potential Employee

This first and most important idea to take into consideration is that the potential employer is interested in hiring you. Of course you want to make a good impression, but once you realize the employer is already impressed enough to schedule an interview with you, you can relieve some pressure from yourself.
Another way to calm your nerves is to rehearse your interview ahead of time. With the exception of a few specialized jobs, most interviews follow the same pattern with similar questions. It is possible to rehearse your interview ahead of time with a friend or family member.

2. Research on Your Potential Employer

Be sure to do some research on your potential employer. The more knowledge you have ahead of time will make you more confident. Imagine not being able to answer a very simple and general question about the company; that is a gateway to nervousness and lack of confidence.

3. Avoid Lateness

There are even simpler tricks that can be used the day of the interview to help calm your nerves. For example, you should wake up a little earlier than you normally would. This will give you more time to get ready before you head out the door. Giving yourself some extra time will keep you from rushing or getting flustered. Plus, if you leave for the interview a little earlier, you can be sure to get there on time despite any traffic or other delays.

Hopefully you have planned your trip to the interview correctly and will have a few minutes to relax before the actual scheduled interview time. This will give you chance to further calm your nerves. Often times, it is helpful to chat with a secretary or receptionist for a few minutes. Some friendly conversation can help you overcome your nervousness. Also, before entering into the room to be interviewed, be sure to take a deep breath and walk in with your shoulders back and head high. Not only will you appear more confident, but the deep breath of oxygen will help to calm you slightly.

4. Practice Any Relaxation Techniques that You Know of

There are other ways to calm your nervousness the day of the meeting. For example, some folks find that spending a few extra minutes in the shower can help relax them. Perhaps you find that going to the gym or for a quick run in the morning helps to calm your nerves. Many folks say that a good workout to start the day helps to relax them and focus their energy better.

When it comes to your impending job interview, simply use these tips to stay in control of your nerves. By being prepared, confident, and focused, you will be able to ace the interview by having your personality, not your nerves, shine though.

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