How To Make Yourself More Employable

EmploymentBeing employable is a trait that many people look for and can truly benefit you at any age, for any job. It’s highly important to be the best you can be at any job interview or work situation, because you’ll be more likely to score a job you want. With unemployment rates going through the roof, there is no time better than now to make yourself more employable in the workforce. There are several ways to successfully carry out this task however we have narrowed it down to five. Here are the top 5 ways you can make yourself more employable:

1. Have a lot of work experience:

To get a decent job, you must have had prior work experience, no matter how small it was. Having tons of work experience means you’ve been in different types of situations, learned different skills and worked with a variety of people. Every employer likes to see diversity and great experience in a worker. Always remember, experience is one thing that cannot be taught. Experience could very well be the deciding factor in who gets the job offer. If the other applicants lack in experience but are equal in all other categories, chances are you will get the opportunity over them.

2. Have a great, strong resume:

Next on our list is having a strong resume. Many people tend to overlook the power of a proper resume and just focus on their interview. However, most employers look for someone with a résumé that impresses and that is done properly. You want to stuff your résumé with everything you have done that shows you work hard, try new things, have a wide variety of skills and know how to present yourself in a professional way. This is one of the few chances you get to bragg about yourself and be a little conceeded. Plus, getting a competitive job can be a very challenging and difficult task to do. Having a résumé that stands out above the rest, even if it’s just a little bit will put you ahead of someone else or everyone else for that matter.

3. Be willing and flexible:

Employers hate those who expect to get great choices of hours and want the highest positions and salaries available. Don’t bring these topics up at all unless you are asked, and if you are, be willing to accept any salary or schedule. When you’re new, you won’t get the best benefits of flexibility, but they look for someone who can work up to that level. Be humble and willing to take any schedule to get the job.

4. Dress nice and present yourself well:

First impressions can make you or break you. Employers want to see someone who appears kind, approachable, and well dressed. You don’t want to come into an interview sloppy or not put together, no matter how much you hate dressing up. The sad truth is that people will judge you on your appearance, and if an employer doesn’t like what they see they will move on to the next.

5. Have a positive attitude:

Walk into every job interview with a positive attitude, and don’t be dim or gloomy. Separate your personal life from your work life and light up in front of employers so that your personality and attitude towards the job seems exciting and upbeat. Employers want someone who is looking forward to working and brings smiles to others.

Use these tips on making yourself more employable and see a difference at the rate you’ll be able to grab a job!

This post was contributed by R. Swingle from Lift Education. According to him another great way to make yourself more employable is by continuing your education and earning fast college degrees online.

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