Coping with the New Year at Work

man-runningAfter all the Christmas festivities are over and the New Year celebrations come to a close it's not uncommon to feel a little down and unsettled. This is due to all the stress and excitement of the holiday season alongside over indulgence of food and drink. Returning to a normal routine after family members have gone home can seem quite daunting. Sometimes it’s even better to extend your vacation with another week, if you can afford it.

This article will offer 5 easy tips on how to cope with the New Year:

1. Perspective

Make sure that you get back into your routine gently and take the time to get a new perspective on your work and home life. If you're unhappy with your usual routine you may want to consider joining a club or starting a new hobby to add enjoyment to your day. Improving your situation will help to boost your mood and add variety as well as benefits. The break may have allowed you to assess your work situation too and you can go back feeling refreshed and positive. It might also be a problem with your workplace itself. Is there a way to improve it? If so, don’t wait. If you want to change your workplace and can afford it, go for it. Waiting is rarely worth it.

2. Look Forward

You've probably spent the last few weeks planning and preparing and now need something else to look forward to. Choose activities that are within your budget such as going to the cinema or giving a dinner party. Interacting helps to lift your spirits and staying connected with friends gives you a sense of purpose.

3. Food & Drink

Look to eat foods that boost your system, enhancing your mood and getting you back in shape. Eat warming soups that fill you up without the additional calories and warm salads are also a perfect choice. Replace alcohol with with plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. Include plenty of fruit, poultry, oily fish and dairy products. Take extra vitamins to make sure you stay well and healthy.

4. Exercise

No matter what the weather you should keep exercising on a daily basis. Going for a long walk, jogging or swimming are all ideal options. If you're forced to stay indoors opt for yoga sessions or invest in a workout DVD and keep fit in your living area! This regular exercise will also lift your mood and make your feel more active and alert. You don't need to pay expensive gym fees to keep fit.

5. House Rearrangements/Clearance

Throw yourself into spring cleaning the house and de-cluttering every room. If you've got an excess of waste contact a reputable house clearance or rubbish removal company who'll professionally recycle as much as possible for you. Get the feel good factor knowing your rubbish has helped save the environment! Now is the time to think ahead and plan your holidays and events that you really want to do. If you decide to travel start planning the route and preparing your packing list. Make a conscious effort to simply enjoy the rest of the year.


If you have any questions, please ask below!