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How Eco-Friendly Business Campaigns Help Your Marketing

green-houseMany small and big businesses each year will arrange an environmentally friendly campaign where all employees can get involved in an attempt to raise awareness about the damaged environment. The aim of such campaigns is to encourage employees to reduce their own carbon footprint whilst making others aware of the issue.

Eco-Friendly Campaigns

There are many different campaign ideas you can use in your own business. Depending on the size and scale of your business, you should choose your campaign method quite wisely.

Here are some ideas that are suitable for businesses of all sizes:

Ride a Bike Campaign

Ride a bike campaign consists of asking all your employees to ride a bike to work for a day, a week or even a month. For some employees this may be an issue if they do not already own a bike, however some big businesses would have signed up to the ‘cyclescheme' that enables employees to purchase a bike tax free - saving on average about half the cost.

No Bin Day

If it is not possible to arrange a bike campaign, then you may want to look at other options that are seen as more suitable. One idea is to plan a day of the week where none of your employees can use a bin for the day. Plan this day in advance so that employees can bring alternative packaging and resources to work to reduce the chances of someone using a bin.

The manager should inform employees that they are only allowed to use recycle bins, and not rubbish bins. This will significantly reduce the amount of rubbish produced, whilst raising awareness to employees about the amount of unneeded rubbish they are producing each day.

Energy Freeday

Why not suggest a fun campaign that will get everyone speaking? This day will need to be planned in advance as employees will have to plan their tasks for the day well in advance.

Suggest a day of not using any ‘energy'. Electrical appliances should be switched off for the day to reduce the amount of energy the business is using.

For many business, electric is needed for the day to run as normal-so this is why the day will need planning ahead of time. Plan various tasks for the day such as meetings and planning so that you will not need to use a computer during the day.

The Benefits

There are many benefits of arranging an eco-friendly campaign day, here are some:

  • Your business will be raising awareness of environmental issues.
  • Your business will act on reducing their carbon footprint input.
  • Your employees will have a better understanding of environmental issues.
  • Your employees will be more aware in the future before damaging the environment.
  • You will also promote your own business.


As well as helping out the environment, you will also be doing your own business a lot of good when arranging an eco-friendly campaign.

It is highly likely that your business will be recognised for trying to make a positive change to the environment - meaning you will get recognition locally and even nationally in some cases.

You can help market your business by promoting your eco-friendly campaign to local newspapers, radios and local newsletters that are produced. It is likely you will gain a lot of interest in the campaign you have arranged - promoting your business and brand further.

As well as notifying local press, you may also want to get other businesses involved. If arranging a ‘Ride a Bike Campaign' you may want to contact cycle shelter suppliers to see if they would be willing to supply the appropriate equipment and let others know about the campaign.

Kerry wanted to make some encouraging changes to the environment, that is why she arranged a ‘Ride a Bike Campaign' for her business. Other businesses got involved to encourage the campaign, Falco supplied the cycling shelters.

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