Travelyaari – Company Profile

tgrt3gy3rTravelyaari is an online platform that has revolutionized the travel industry in India and is the main brand of Mantis Technology Pvt. Ltd. – an enterprise established by IIM Ahmedabad graduates (Aurvind Lama and friends). It was founded in 2008 by Aurvind Lama, Prateek Nigam, and Parthasarthi Sinha. enables its users to make their bus booking arrangements at the comfort of their homes, and it uses a technology that enables them to get real-time feedback about the number of seats available. It’s is headquartered in Bangalore and is the largest and most successful online bus booking system.

History and Development
Aurvind Lama always had the need for independence and being self-sufficient. In his pursuit for ensuring that this need was met, in the course of the second year at IIM Ahmedabad, he conceived the idea of developing an online bus reservation system. It was a concept that he was very enthusiastic about and so he shared it with his esteemed friend and colleague Parthasarthi Sinha. With the help of their professors and other students in the institution, they reviewed the idea, improved on it and ended up with a system that was promising. Nonetheless, they still needed someone to bring it to life, and that is where Prateek Nigam came in. With over 10 years of experience in IT and system development, he provided his expertise to develop the system and make it go live. When Travelyaari went online, it instantly swayed the whole bus industry in India to the internet. It became available from anywhere in the world, and it was a very efficient system since it was organized, collaborative, and transparent.

Travelyaari now has branches in all major cities in India, more than 4000 operator outlets, and around 5000 direct agents. Affiliates, word of mouth and other business associations have significantly influenced the rapid growth of the enterprise. Everyone in India now knows about Travelyaari, and it’s the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to bus travel. This rapid growth created room for advancement and improvement. There is an android app that was developed to provide more options for accessing the services offered by the company. Moreover, the organization also provides enterprise level solutions and is the largest bus inventory distribution service provider to alternative travel aggregators, both offline and online. Travelyaari made it possible for the digitization of 55% of the general bus services in India. It has also recently introduced three new services; tours, hotels, and activities, making it a one stop solution for commuters. It has sold over 140 million seats and served over 15 million satisfied customers. It has a more than 2100 bus operators that are networked as a system and provides around 150,000 bus options daily on 45,000 routes. With this much development, Aurvind Lama intends to eventually extend the services of the company to the government market, and overseas.

Main Services
Travelyaari bus booking offers are exceptional. The company’s website experiences more than a thousand clicks on a daily basis, and its users often give positive feedback regarding their experience with the system and services. It offers various coupons and travel discounts daily; therefore, offering its clients the opportunity to save money whenever they use the services. The company also provides special services for different circumstances; for instance, it provides special treatment for a woman who will be traveling alone – it ensures that such a woman either sits next to another woman or the seat next to her is left empty. The focus here is the certainty that the company values everyone’s safety and comfort. Furthermore, it provides enticing tour packages to help its clients get more services at a good price.

Corporate Culture
The secret to the success that Travelyaari has enjoyed so far lies in its employees, and the core team. They relentlessly work to cater to the needs of their clients and solve assorted issues regarding the travel industry. The company has flat hierarchies, embraces an open culture, and rewards its employees for contributing to its success. This is all to motivate and encourage its workforce since it realizes and appreciates their value. Travelyaari only works with bus service providers who are able to guarantee quality first class services to their customers. This ensures a consistent flow of quality services.

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