Tips for Finding a Quality Lenticular Printing Company


We are living in a world where traditional printers have become very affordable. Many businesses and households own a copier/printer or two. Printed copy can be very beneficial for a company through direct mail marketing and many other avenues, but as printing technology advances so follows the possibilities involved with such. Enter lenticular printing, a new age way of grabbing attention through printed marketing materials.

Lenticular printing has actually been around for quite some time. Having a professional printing company like World3D who has grown with the technology is imperative. Here are a few tips to consider when you are looking for a lenticular printing company.


Most companies operate on a fixed budget; therefore, the cost is a significant determining factor. Having the right price for the right quality of the job is all you want. Prices vary across the industry, even for the same quality and quantity of work, it all depends on the company you work with. Don’t settle for the first lenticular printing shop that offers everything you want. While they may offer each of the services you desire, the quality may be lacking. It is always prudent to shop around and get quotes from different companies you are considering working with. For the online companies, just visit their websites and check out their price quotes. With thorough research on pricing, you will save a good amount of money on services across the board.

  1. Flexibility and ability to deliver

Does the company you choose have the capacity to deliver on a given turnaround time? The right company should have the strong workforce and the technology that meet a quick turn around when needed while maintaining quality. Find a company who has a proven track record with large companies and large orders. A lenticular printing company who has provides services to Coca-Cola or a major sports team can surely handle the expectations of a smaller business. Be sure to enquire about turnaround time so clear expectations can set from the start.

  1. Diversity

Lenticular printing is by no means a simple process, but it can be one of the driving forces in marketing your company. When selecting a company to do your printing job, be sure to choose the one who takes the time to understand your project fully. This is possible if the lenticular printing company you choose offers diverse services to a wide breadth of clients in the past. Coming in to a lenticular printing service request, it would be best to have an idea of what you want to accomplish with your lenticular image. Do you want your logo and your slogan interlaced, or are you looking for something more art oriented. A firearm provider may want to show a gun firing with multiple interlaced images. A new movie promo may want to interlace the actors and the movie title. A quality lenticular service company will be able to make suggestions for the best overall result, but you should come in with a good idea of what you would like. At World3D, you can be assured of diversity and ingenuity.

  1. Reviews

When considering a lenticular printing company, don’t go in blindly. This is especially important when you are looking for a long-time partner. Do a thorough examination of their websites, their social media accounts, and possibly contact their recent or past clients. This will help you know what to expect if you work with a particular company. Avoid companies with many negative reviews since they are likely to disappoint you. Also, check the dates of those reviews, and if they are considerably backdated, they may not give the right image of the company’s recent performance.

  1. Quality

Quality is everything when it comes to lenticular printing. If you are to get a return on your investment, don’t compromise on quality. Always go for impeccable quality and nothing short. Ask for the samples from the prospective company and check whether they meet your expectations. Don’t be afraid to ask for past work done. A company who hesitates to show their recent projects is not worth the hassle of working with. This can be a sign that they promise more than they can deliver. You may also inquire about receiving a sample of the work you are looking for, but this can sometimes be hard because lenticular printing services are so customized and many quality companies will not set up their equipment to run one lenticular image process.

Finding the right lenticular printing company requires patience. But with the above guide, you should find the right company hassle free. Look for a partner, especially if you want a long-time engagement.

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