The Essentials of an Efficient Corporate Caterer

cateringCatering for corporate events is a distinct class altogether. The word ‘corporate' itself instills an image of top-class planning and execution coupled with high professionalism. Corporate catering is very different from, let's say, wedding catering or any other social catering events. Although, as a caterer, it is important to follow precise execution and management for all your events; corporate catering implies you've to take the extra step of care.

Now that a business organization has chosen you, you need to pat yourselves on your back. You have been considered capable of serving to elite parties with high profile clients and business associates.

Here is a list of important things to keep in mind when catering for a business event:

The value of precise planning

Planning is indispensable.It is crucial to planning strictly as per the client's requirements. What makes the process tougher is the need to be both efficient and creative. There are many business events and caterers out there. Your solution to the client's requirement should have something that not only satisfies their demands, but is also innovative and different in process.

The importance of exceptional food

It is essential that your food meets all the standards of quality, taste, hygiene and health. Look around yourself, caterers who serve exquisite tasting food and maintain remarkable standards of timely execution and hygiene are the leaders in the business. It is your responsibility to ensure that your staff is delivering at the right time and the right pace. Flawless presentation of food is equally important.

Food has several dietary restrictions. The served food could be non-vegetarian, vegetarian, vegan or a mix of all. Care has to be taken to not overlook religious sentiments as well. You should take all details from the client beforehand.

Being versatile can take you a long way

Your clients are different persons with individual demands. What works for one will not work for the other. What could you do to overcome this problem? Be versatile! Your client may ask for anything from a seated dinner service to delivering food at a separate location. Some business clients prefer appealing boxed lunches to proper dining. And what about those clients who want the food cooked and served hot at the venue itself? On-location cooking involves more work; you've to arrange for well-laid tables and servers as well.

Being innovative and creative

Being creative and original with your service will not make your project a hit, but also get you future business prospects! Be it food, dining style, event plan or the arrangements; there is room for innovation everywhere. I have been asked to serve hors d'oeuvres before the main course on various occasions. Some clients only ask for appetisers. It is good if you could do something different with your menu and decor to impress your clients and prove your skills.

The value of having good logistics

You should have an efficient system to transport the food and ingredients to the venue in a secure manner. So, if your client wants hot food, you should have an effective way of ensuring that it remains hot when it gets to the venue.

Your staff is an invaluable asset

Having skilled professionals on your side will benefit you always. You should give due recognition and appraisals to your staff. That’s a good way to maintain high levels of motivation and work enthusiasm. Training and development of your staff are your responsibility.

A catering business is like a one-time restaurant. With every new event, you're setting up a new eating place that is demolished when the event gets over. The way you handle the event is what creates the name for your brand. More than often, a positive word-of-mouth is your best advertisement tool.


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