Home Services Every Home Owner in Missouri Needs

More than 6 million people call Missouri their home, with Springfield being the state’s 3rd largest city thanks to a population of just over 167,000. That’s quite a lot of homeowners in the area toughing out tornados, flash floods, severe thunderstorms, and harsh winter storms.

Your home is your nest egg keeping you safe from nature and rogue events — it will need several services keeping it in tip-top shape throughout its long years. The following are those common services you’ll likely need to explore, at one point or another, as a homeowner.

The Home Services Everyone Will Need (At One Point Or Another)

A home in Missouri is like a home anywhere else in the United States. There are times when you’ll need to update some basics–easily done with a bit of DIY handiness. Then there will be other times when it’s a huge challenge and best left to the professionals. The following are those items you’ll want to leave to the pros.


HVAC is a creature comfort but, really, it’s essential for hot summers and cold winters. HVAC systems have a typical 10 – 15-year lifespan. Upgrading to a modern unit can save money on heating/cooling expenses. Jon Wayne Heating and Air recommends yearly maintenance checkups to keep the unit running efficiently. HVAC services also include upgrades to internal workings providing better airflow throughout the home.


There are many DIY landscaping efforts you can place into the yard but this could become costly and maybe even dangerous, depending on how far you want to go. Landscaping services range from your typical mow & weed-eating to stump removal, irrigation, planting, and more. If you want a stellar yard you can be proud of, you’ll likely want to tap local landscaping services. Likewise, these can save big bucks if you opt to match the yard foliage to your native climate.


Flooring services provide a great upgrade to your home whether it’s to install new carpeting or help you go modern with wood or tile. These services are vital for the home maintenance in the event of warping and foundation damage, too. Modern flooring–like the common laminate material–lasts just 15 – 25 years. Sturdier materials last longer, but ultimately you’ll want to update/replace your flooring sometime in your homeownership timeline.


A late night pipe burst or backed up sewer line can become a big, stinky problem. These water leaks can cost thousands of dollars in structural damage, too. A typical plumbing job can cost roughly $50 – $150/hr. This includes services like fixing problems with toilets, sinks, water heaters, or even simple drain cleaning and maintenance. Most metal pipes will last most of your time owning the home. PVC will last a lifetime but you never know if a harsh freeze or improper installation is lurking behind the walls.


Your home’s roofing materials have a lifespan of 10-75ish+ years (shingles to metal). A leaky roof may not seem like a big issue right now but this becomes highly problematic as time goes on. Water seeps into the attic and walls causing damage to its structural integrity. Before long, the home can show signs of dangerous stress. Roofing maintenance is relatively inexpensive compared to completely redoing it so account for these home costs!

Pest Control

Pests throughout Missouri range from ticks and centipedes to beetles, crickets, and spiders. It’s not uncommon for the local wildlife to find their way into the home, either. There are several DIY methods and regular routines to keep your home free of pests. Regular pest control services can help prevent larger infestations with their extensive inspections and routine visits. Their services are a small price to pay compared to the massive costs you could incur with bed bug or termite infestations!

How to Fund Your Home Services Needs

You’ve got your list of home services you’ll need throughout homeownership… but how do you pay for it all? Hopefully, you’ve kept savings running alongside each month’s mortgage payment. But, if that’s not the case, you could explore a couple of viable options including:

  • Budgeting and incorporating services with monthly expenses
  • Paying into a home warranty service for the unexpected costs
  • Tapping into small loans or credit cards for the necessary repairs
  • Refinancing the home to make smart home upgrades and updates
  • Asking family for loans and setting up respectable repayment plans

Home Services are a Win/Win

Each home service is a double victory for your home and family. These services not only improve the quality of life during your stay, they also tend to increase the home’s value! The home will continue to appreciate in value with professional (documented) services — so don’t feel stressed if you find yourself needing one (or all) of these!

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