Top Reasons You Consider DVLA Personalized Registrations

You may be wondering why many car-owners are opting to have DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) personalized number plates on their vehicles these days. Well, besides making your car unique, there are many other advantages of having private plates. This article has highlighted some of the reasons you would consider having DVLA personalized registrations.


1. It can turn out be an excellent investment opportunity.

One the safest investment you can have is a DVLA personalized number plate. The plates often retain their value and these days; their value is increasing by the day. Having private plates that represent common names will be a wise idea because they are always sought.
Private number plates nowadays increase so rapidly in value it would not be a big surprise to have yours more valuable than your car as the years pass (because your vehicle will keep aging and depreciate). Again, the fact that getting a DVLA personalized number plate is often hassle-free means that the investment process is straightforward.

While all private numbers are equally sound investments, it is advisable to look for ones that are popularly sought after if you choose to have one for investment purposes. For instance, common names like Chelsea, John, Sarah, among others are frequently sought after and can turn out to be worth more than you can imagine.

2. It may be an excellent means of advertisement/Marketing your brand.

Has it ever occurred to you that you can use your car’s number plate to advertise your business? A private plate is an efficient way to promote your brand as you move around town in your car. There will be a lot of people (potential customers) along the busy roads who will be looking at the plates. This way you will be marketing your business.

Besides the marketing opportunities, you can use your DVLA personalized registration to create a corporate identity, and raise awareness of your brand or company. The fact that the plates last a lifetime means they are a cost effective way to do advertisements. Again, they do not need maintenance fees, and they make your company or business stand out from similar businesses.

3. Private plates are unique, so they make you (and your car) stand out.

This is another reason you need to contact the DVLA for your personalized plates. They show sophistication and confidence, setting you apart from the rest. Again, they will enable you to show a sense of class and make a good impression among, say, fellow business owners, or before your date. Also as noted earlier, you can use the plates to make your company stand out from the rest. And this gives you a marketing advantage.

Also, having personalized number plates makes your vehicle distinctive. Thus finding it in, for instance, a crowded car park becomes easier. The unique private plates also scream creativity because you can choose to have anything on the plates as long as you are following the rules.
The uniqueness of the DVLA personalized registrations makes them an excellent gift for your loved ones. Buying them a car with a private plate showing, say, the name of their favorite pet will be an entirely unique gift.

4. Personalized registrations can deter thieves from stealing your car.

The fact that the plate makes your car unique means that it will be easily recognizable. Who wants to steal a car that can be easily recognized? People in your neighborhood, your friends, family, workmates can spot your easily, so the chances of you getting it back in case it is stolen are high.

5. No one will know the exact age of your car.

What other way would you best disguise the age of your car? Having a dateless number plate means there will be no digit or letter that would reveal the exact age of your car. So long as you keep the car in good a condition, it will be impossible for people to know how old it is.
To sum this up, with a DVLA personalized number plate, it will be hard for you to forget your car’s registration. You have probably, once or twice, forgotten your vehicle’s registration and you had to get out to confirm, right? With personalized plates, this will be a thing of the past.

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