Top 9 Tips for Safely Towing A Travel Trailer

Having a travel trailer with you during your adventures is one of the best things. It gives you a space to relax, breathe, enjoy, and eat while enjoying the surrounding scenes. We are not talking about 10 feet trailers but almost 40 feet big trailers that you have to take with you sometimes.

It is convenient for your trip, but are you making it a problem for other people on the road? If you are thinking about taking your travel trailer out with you, you must follow some safety towing tips. Doing so will keep everyone safe on the road. Here are some safe travel trailer towing tips that will make your towing experience better.

Know Your Vehicle’s Capability

Before towing a trailer, know your vehicle’s capability and weight capacity. If you don’t know about it, check for the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) in your trailer’s documents and compare it with the weight of your trailer. Your vehicle’s towing capacity should be at or above that number. It would be difficult for you to manage the load if your trailer is too heavy.

Pack Light and Strategically

We can’t emphasize enough on this point that it is for your own safety and ease to pack light and take only the most essential items with you. Water is the main thing you should keep with you and that alone can take up much of the weight. You don’t have to pack items which are not very important.

Also, disperse the weight evenly as putting more luggage at the back of the trailer will cause uncontrollable swerving. Put about 55-60% of the weight on the front of your vehicle. Distribute equally on both the right and left sides and secure them inside so they don’t roll over when taking turns.

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Take It Easy

Towing a travel trailer is not a small task. It is even more difficult if you are towing it for the first time and for a longer distance. You should take it easy and keep your speed low to avoid losing control of the rig. It would take you more time to speed up, slow down, or turn. Therefore, be calm and take your time to tow your trailer nicely.

Take Navigation Help

If you are towing a travel trailer, you must know the route and how to navigate properly. Getting confused in the middle of the journey can be dangerous, especially at a deserted location. You can take help from Google Maps or other navigation systems. Such systems would guide you about the right path, the closed ends, and the speed limit you should maintain.

Check Your Trailer Attachment

This is the most overlooked yet essential aspect you need to consider. Trailer attachments join your trailer and vehicle together. It can be extremely dangerous if you neglect this important detail. It is crucial to double-check everything after you have attached the trailer to your car.

Install The Back Mirrors

Having no rear-view mirrors can put you in danger during the whole process. Many camper enthusiasts like to install back mirrors for having a safer towing experience. Most of the vehicles or SUVs come with black mirrors. However, you can also install extended side-view mirrors for better visibility.

Be Legal

Make sure you are towing legally and following all the rules. It means that if your SUV or trailer weighs around 1,000-1,500 pounds, you must install a set of brakes. Some states require you to follow these regulations, but not all. So, you must know the laws of your area and then tow so that you won’t get fined.

Don’t Slam On Brakes

Don’t push the rakes all at once. This can imbalance your trailer, causing an accident. Always drive slow when you are towing a trailer and apply brakes gently if you have to stop somewhere. Moving at a slow pace is safe as it will not require you to apply sudden brakes.

Seek Professional Help

If you find it hard to tow a travel trailer by yourself, it is better that you seek help from a professional towing company. Towing companies can safely tow your trailer up to the required distance as they have suitable vehicles, tools, and experience of towing.

Final Words

Camping and adventuring are fun activities. Taking travel trailers with you can maximize this fun, but you have to take special care while towing them. The above-mentioned safety measures plus a little more focus can safely tow your trailer. Moreover, professional towing companies can help you and make your trips better by providing excellent towing services.

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