2018 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Features

The 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is quite an upgrade to the outgoing model. This 2018 Suzuki model has a new interior and exterior features. The dimensions of this Suzuki car model is 4395mm by 1735mm by 1690. It has a wheelbase of 2740mm. This article will talk about the key features of the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. First of all, the model works based on the Heartect platform, which makes it lighter compared to the other car models by Suzuki such as 2018 swift. The Heartect platform also ensures that it is safe for driving. The Heartect platform uses high-tensile steel in specific areas of the car, thus providing and improving the safety of the occupants. Apart from protection, the rigidity and the NVH performance of the Ertiga is enhanced.

The Suzuki Ertiga comes in both diesel and petrol engine. With the new K15 petrol engine equipped with the progressive, smart hybrid technology, this car gives you the driver an excellent driving experience, most importantly the smart hybrid technology allows the Ertiga to have auto start, auto stop engine function. This Suzuki car model is fuel efficient hence it does not require or instead it does not consume a lot of fuel. The K15 petrol engine comes in both automatic and manual Suzuki cars. As earlier said, this Maruti Suzuki car model also comes in a manual diesel engine equipped with a turbocharger to ensure and guarantee an excellent driving experience.

The Maruti is equipped with numerous features that ensure the safety of the occupants. It has two front airbags, one for the driver and the other one for the front passenger. Apart from the airbags, it is also equipped with additional safety features too. They include:

  • It has child safety locks that ensure that the kid is safe and cannot accidentally open doors while the car is in motion. It also has a child-seat mount, to mean that a child seat can get added.
  • It has hill assist feature. This feature enables the Suzuki Ertiga to penetrate and move quickly in hilly areas easily.
  • It has rear sensors to aid the driver in parking the car quickly without causing any damage to surrounding property.
  • The Suzuki has an engine immobilizer and also equipped with electronic brake assist, electronic- force distribution and an anti-lock braking system.
  • It has a high-speed alert system

We should not forget that the 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga interior is designed to offer comfort to its occupants. It has a colored TFT multi-information display which primary function is to display relevant information about the car. The information displayed on the screen include fuel consumption, gear shift indicator, power, torque display and so much more. It is also equipped with a smart play infotainment system at the center between the driver seat and the front passenger’s seat. The smart play infotainment system allows the occupant of the car to make calls, text, listen and search for music. The mode is enabled by apple car play, mirror link, and Android auto meaning that one can connect his or her smartphone, not to forget that the one can control audio and calls using the buttons mounted on the steering wheel. It also has a voice command feature which allows the car owner to give commands such as play music and receive phone calls. The Maruti has an automatic climate control feature which ensures the climate inside the car is always conducive even when the climate outside is extreme. It is also equipped with cup holders and door pockets.

The car itself is quite spacious and comfortable. For instance, the third-row fabric passenger seats are recliner seats with headrests and spacious legroom which ensures comfort even in long distance trips. It also has a flexible luggage space which is attainable by folding the 2nd and 3rd-row seats. The language space available is 803 liters when the 2nd and 3rd-row seats become folded. When only the 3rd-row seats get folded, the luggage space is 550 liters and 209 liters when none of the rows get folded.

The design of the new Ertiga is more extensive and without doubts looking much better than the predecessor. All in all, the big step up after the previous gen will be accessible in seven colors. The car modeling language is similar to the latest Toyota Innova Crysta. The face is straight with superior sleeking headlamps and detailed grille. The Ertiga besides has a fully remodeled rear end having V-Shaped cool tail lamps plus a sportier rearmost bumper.

Finally, after the many times of surfacing over the internet while being tested, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga got launched. The advanced generation of the old model has two engine alternatives- diesel and petrol. The Prices for the variants vary with where you make your purchase. As you opt for any platform, get ready for the exciting and developed dimensions. The vehicle as well acquired different interiors and exteriors with a handful of exciting added features.

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