Top 7 Car Safety Technologies

Vehicles are one of the best inventions in mankind’s history. Unfortunately, they can be incredibly dangerous,–where millions of lives are lost yearly due to car accidents. Luckily, car safety technologies have advanced tremendously.

Below is a list of the top car safety technologies that can help secure your life as you travel.

1. Lane departure warning systems

Lane departure warning systems play an essential role in helping you to avoid crashes. Why? They have a system that detects lane marking and will alert you if you are driving away from your lane. *This system comes with a warning indicator,–often an audible alert/vibration in the steering wheel.

The lane departure warnings offer a significant benefit in motorways, especially when monotonous roads and long distances can cause loss of attention.

Another thing about this safety technology is that it may reduce your chances of dealing with car accident lawyers. These lawyers, such as those at Vogel LLP, are well-equipped to win car accident compensation lawsuits at all costs.

2. Blind spot monitoring technology

Like the lane departure warning systems, blind spot monitoring technology is also helpful in dual motorways and carriageways. *The blind spot detection technology can prevent you from driving into another lane, especially if there is a chance you may hit a car that you can’t see.

But how does the blind spot monitoring technology work? It can be something as easy as a light on the wing of your mirror. This light will show you when you are about to drive in a blind spot.

*The blind spot monitoring technology is incredibly beneficial to people with limited mobility—those who cannot physically turn to look for blind spots.

3. Rearview cameras

As the name suggests, rearview cameras are cameras placed at the back of cars. Their main work is to transmit real-time video of your car’s rear view. These cameras can;’

  • Display a 180-degree view of your rear
  • Allow you to see other vehicles in your rear
  • Allow you to see objects behind you

The best thing about the rearview cameras is that they come with washing systems. This keeps your rear view clean. So you can safely reverse into thoroughfares or out of parking lots.

4. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

ADAS boasts a wide range of safety-enhancing features for your vehicles. Their main goal is to assist drivers and ensure their safe driving. ADAS may include features like;’

  • Sensors that detect drowsiness in drivers
  • Sensors that detect pedestrians
  • Onboarding cameras that can read road signs
  • Speed limit change warnings
  • Stop signs through dash alerts
  • Passenger avoidance systems

5. Adaptive cruise control (ACC)

ACC is another incredible driver assistance system. It is the heart of self-driving (autonomous) technology. ACC can do the following;

  • It can help you to sustain a set speed.
  • It can adjust vehicle speed based on traffic movement

So, how does ACC work? ACC uses laser technology, cameras, and radars to detect the distance between your car and the cars in front of you. Then, it will automatically correct your speed to ensure you drive at a safe range.

*If your vehicle gets too close to others, noises and lights will alert you of this.

6. Automatic emergency braking systems

Brakes are one of the most essential features of a car. However, their biggest flaw lies in human error. *For instance, there can be a collision if there is no time to apply breaks. In that case, the automatic emergency braking system comes in handy.

It helps to fix human error. How? It automatically determines a potential impact. Then, apply the brakes for you.

7. Cross-traffic alert

A cross-traffic alert system is a technology that will tell you if a vehicle, cyclist, or pedestrian is approaching from the back or front of the vehicle. This technology can be useful in car parks, such as supermarkets when visibility is limited.

In Conclusion

Safety is essential when driving vehicles. It protects drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and even property from damage. Also, it protects you from financial troubles and worries due to accidents. Thus, as you purchase a new vehicle, check its safety features and technologies. You can also consider adding the safety features yourself.

If you have any questions, please ask below!