Benefits of Going Electric

There is little doubt that electric vehicles are the next big thing. These vehicles come with an inbuilt rechargeable battery pack. The electricity stored is the source that gives the wheels their thrust and motion. Electric vehicles have many benefits to offer, not only to the vehicle owner but also to the public at large.

Cost effective

Electric vehicles are a good investment for those seeking a cost-effective and more productive way to travel. Although some are more expensive than your average fuel or diesel vehicle, the prices of electric vehicles do vary and, similar to regular vehicles, the price range will depend on the make, model, type, and features each vehicle has to offer. Therefore, don’t be discouraged from thinking an electric vehicle is for you based on your budget.


Although some electric vehicles may initially be more expensive than regular cars, in the long term, you may find yourself saving money. With superior fuel efficiency, a significant reduction in maintenance needs, and the added less expensive expense of electricity, electric cars will significantly cut costs and help you save money.

Fully electric vehicles cut costs even further, adding more weight to your wallet. Typically consisting of three main elements that power the vehicle, these vehicles are designed to be as efficient as possible. The on-board charger, inverter, and motor are the components operating the vehicle and giving it life. What this means is that there is far less pressure on the motor, causing less wear and tear on the car itself and ultimately reducing the number of moving parts prone to damage. Therefore, electric vehicles rarely require servicing, and the running and repair expenses are small.


You can charge your electric vehicle from the comfort of your home. It is fast, cost-effective and, yes, as easy as charging your mobile phone- just plug it into the charging cable while the vehicle is parked. A home charging port can be installed outside any home, and it is all-weather proof. Such home charging units will fully charge most electric vehicles within 5 to 10 hours. So, your car can be ready for you every morning after a good night’s charge.

When in a hurry, however, you can find a rapid charger that can speed up the process. These charges can charge most electric vehicles up to about 80% in less than an hour. Simply plug in and drive.

Luxury and Serenity

The benefits of switching to electric vehicles are not only found in the cost efficiency they offer, their reduced maintenance needs, or the convenience they present in home charging; they are also found in the driving experience itself.

Electric vehicles offer a much quieter and smoother driving experience than non-electric vehicles. The engine’s silence often creates a more comfortable and relaxing experience for both drivers and passengers.

The vehicles also have instant power responses. What this means is that as soon as the accelerator is pressed, the response and surge of speed from the vehicle is instant. Most electric vehicles also offer excellent steering and handling around corners and difficult curves due to their outstanding weight distribution and balance.

Environmental benefits

Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly and offer many benefits to public health and the environment. Switching to an electric car ultimately means you are committing to reducing harmful air pollution that is emitted from all non-electric vehicles’ exhausts. Even though electric vehicles still create some greenhouse gas emissions while being charged on the electricity grid, they have zero exhaust emissions, ultimately reducing air pollution one engine at a time.

If you want to reduce harmful emissions even further, you can recharge your electric car during the day with a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Just one more step closer to eliminating harmful emissions and greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

Recycled and recyclable

Another thing to look into when considering the switch to an electric vehicle is whether it is made from recycled and/or recyclable materials. Many car makers that are switching to electric vehicles are also considering the materials being used. Designing and building electric vehicles helps to reduce air pollution and fuel costs, but if they don’t help to reduce waste, it’s just another problem for the environment.

That is why many car makers today are designing and creating electric vehicles from fully or partially recycled and/or recyclable materials. Thus, helping reduce waste if or when a car ends up in an auto scrap yard. Vehicles that needs to be recycled are often purchased by cash for cars companies which they wreck it for parts.

Switching to an electric vehicle offers many benefits to both the individual making the switch as well as the environment and the public at large. Although there are many things to consider when making the switch to electric, such as deciding on what vehicle is best suited for you, your family, and your lifestyle, it is a decision that will save you money in the long term as well as help save the environment one drive at a time.

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