The Most Common Car Breakdown Reasons And Their Solutions

A car breakdown in the middle of the road is an unpleasant experience. Nobody wants to get stuck there with no help, and that too in severe winters. Although car breakdown can occur in any season, it is most common in winters.

There can be many reasons for a car to break down. It is problematic and becomes the worst nightmare when you don’t have any idea about it. So, if you want to get a know-how of the most common car breakdowns, we are here to help.

We will explain the most common reasons for a car breakdown and how you can deal with them. So, next time if you head to the highway, you have trust in yourself.

Faulty or Dead Battery

A battery is a major component of your car’s electrical system. Batteries lose their performance with time. A faulty or dead battery makes you unable to start your vehicle. During winters, the connections become cold. A sudden temperature change also affects the battery’s performance.

Another reason for your battery failure is when you leave your headlights or radio on while your car is not running. Or, maybe your battery is too old.

Faulty Battery Solution

Jumpstarting is one of the best options to revive a dead battery. Car Jumpstarting involves connecting to another vehicle’s battery. But, if you believe that your battery is too old, you may need to replace it now.

To avoid the dead battery, make sure to check that your headlights are turned off. Removing the ignition key may not switch off the lights.

Overheated Engine

An overheated engine can be due to many problems. There can be leaks in the cooling components or the water pump, thermostat housing, or hoses. The temperature gauge shows that the car is getting heated up.

Overheated Engine Solution

Make sure to check your coolant regularly. The first thing that you can do is to stop your car. Turn on the heater and pull the windows down. This thing will pull the heat away from the engines. Check the water level in the coolant once your car has cooled down. Coolant tanks must have a mix of 50/50 of water to coolant.

Take extra precaution while opening the radiator cap. The best thing to do is to open it when the car gets cool or call a professional towing service.

Flat Tires

You would have seen many cars with flat tires on the side of the roads. Flat tires are often due to sharp objects such as nails or glass. Some other common causes are:

  • Failed tire’s valve
  • Not having enough air
  • Over-inflated
  • Poor tire condition


Regular checking of tires is necessary to keep them in good condition. Most of the tires last for about ten years maximum. After that, you should replace them. Keep a spare tire and a puncture repair kit. Also, maintain an optimum level of pressure in the tires and check them regularly.

Car Lockout

People get clumsy sometimes and forget to take their keys out. This is a frustrating situation, especially when you are far away from your home. Keeping a spare key is a good idea, but it is of no use if you can’t access it at that moment.


Different hacks are available to get your key back. You can use hangers, tennis balls, string loops, and other tricks. However, you may need to call for mechanical help if nothing works.

Fuel Problems

Running out of fuel and filling the wrong fuel is another common car breakdown cause. However, filling the wrong fuel can be avoided with a little care. Never use your car if it has the wrong fuel. Green is for petrol while black is for diesel.


If you want to avoid running out of fuel, it is important to fill your tank before you head on your journey. Moreover, you can call car breakdown mechanics to supply you with the fuel you need.

Breakdowns happen, and you don’t need to panic when there are mobile mechanics available. But, they can turn into a nightmare if you can’t find any help. Thankfully, there are online towing and mechanical services available. You can call them, and they are available at your one call.

If you have any questions, please ask below!