The Benefits of Installing an Electric Vehicle Charger in Your Home

If you’re considering a purchase of an electric vehicle, you probably want to have a convenient method of charging the vehicle when you are at home. It can be a strange change if you have always used cars that are fuelled by gasoline. An EV charger installation might seem too good to be true in comparison.

There are all sorts of benefits to adding electric charging to your home, rather than relying on public charging stations. They’re completely safe, super convenient, and might even save you money. Keep reading to learn more about why an EV charger installation should be in your future.

Increased Safety

Did you know that an EV charger installation can be safer than using a public charging option in the neighbourhood? There are several reasons that this is the case.

First of all, in general, public areas tend to be more dangerous than private residential spaces. This is because when you charge your EV in a public place, which can take an extremely long time, you take on the same risks as you would parking your vehicle in a parking garage or on the street.

The vehicle could end up vandalised, stolen, or damaged by natural elements like hailstorms, floods, fires, lightning storms, and more. When you have an EV charger installation at home, you keep the car and yourself safe and protected.

Assuming you choose the correct equipment and work with an expert residential charger installation service, the actual process of charging is exceptionally safe. An electrician will make sure the wiring is right and address any problems before the EV charger installation.

As an example, some EV chargers need a dedicated circuit for efficient, safe charging. If you only have one and it’s in use, you’ll need another. The installation team can help you make adjustments to get the charger running for you.

High Level of Convenience

The length of time that you need to charge an electric vehicle entirely can vary, but it will often take several hours. Think about how inconvenient that can be with only public chargers.

Imagine you need to get up early tomorrow to drive across the county to visit a parent. You know your vehicle is low on electricity and there is no EV charger installation at your home.

You’ll be forced to head to a public charging station where you need to sit and wait hours for charging. If you find yourself in a line, that time could increase quickly. It could leave you sitting in a parking lot all night.

When you have EV charger installation at your home, the process is much simpler. You take your vehicle home, plug it in the charger, and then go to bed. By the time you wake up to travel, your car will be completely charged and ready to go.

This is only one way for a home charging station to be more convenient than relying on public charging stations.


If you use public charging stations, you need to purchase power every time your car is running low. On the other hand, a residential EV charger installation means you might pay a small fee for unlimited electricity. It’s the same electricity that keeps your refrigerator cold and your house warm.

While a small spike may occur with a charger for your EV, you’ll still save compared to using public EV chargers. On top of that, choosing an affordable EV charger is simple. The cost is relatively low for both the charger and the installation. A lot of EVs even come with a charger that can be used, but many of them have slow charging speeds.

It’s essential to choose a professional to help install the EV charger at your home. Do some research before you make an appointment so you have an idea of which chargers you are interested in and how much they cost. The costs are there, but these will pay for themselves when you consider how much public charging can cost.

Choose Top Charging Station Installation Companies

Whether you need EV charging installation at your home or a commercial location, an expert can help with the process. Make sure the company you choose is knowledgeable and able to assess your electric system and advise you on the right products for your needs.

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