How to Find the Right Used Car Salesman You Can Trust

There are several reasons to buy a used car over a brand spanking new one. Used cars generally come with lower insurance premiums. They're generally reliable means of transportation, and some are still covered by manufacturer warranties. Plus, they're easy to pull vehicle history reports on so you know exactly what you're getting.

Perhaps the most significant reason to purchase used vs. new is that if you find the right salesman, you can score a great car for a bargain price. But that's just the key: finding a trustworthy used car salesman who has your car-buying interests in mind.

It should come as no surprise that there are a lot of sales professionals out there that will do just about anything to move a car off the lot. This includes lying, running up prices and tricking the customer into purchasing unnecessary add-ons. That's not what you want - you want a salesman who will give you a good deal and be up-front and honest with you about everything while you're attempting to find used cars.

How to find that sales professional for your next used car:

Ask Around: The first step you should take in finding a good car salesman is simply asking around to see if any of your family or friends recommends any person in particular. Consider using social media sites like Facebook to get more diverse feedback.

People are often very quick to pass along any recommendations of quality sales people, especially when it comes to something like buying a car. And if there are dealerships or sales members you should actively avoid during your search, this is a good way to attain that information as well.

Do Your Homework: You might be thinking that this tip is more of a suggestion for the buyer rather than for finding a car salesman. But being in the know about the car model and styles you're looking at can result in huge dividends in the buying process.

Here's why: many used car salesmen are doing what they do because it's a job, not because they want it to be their career. Hence, many of them are incredibly unprepared. By being in the know, you can tell who is an expert and who isn’t when it comes to used cars. As you’ve probably guessed, you don't want to work with an uneducated salesperson.

Travis Riley, a manager at a, states: "The biggest advantage you have is going into the buying process prepared, knowing what your credit score is and having an idea about what interest rate you should get is a big plus, if you are financing the car, and knowing what you want ahead of time and knowing what those cars should sell for so that you don't get taken advantage of. Do your research before going to the dealership and stick to your guns once you get there. If you see something that you hadn’t thought about, back off and do some research on that one prior to purchasing it."

First Impressions: You know what they say - first impressions are everything. Look for the sales associates that seem real and genuine, not the ones that are going to give you the three-minute elevator pitch on their cars while they're wearing a cheap suit and grinning through a fake smile. Look for the car salesperson who isn’t a walking cliche.

Reverse Pushiness: Many used car salesmen are pushy, but not in a good way. They'll push you into purchasing extended warranties, show you vehicles with hidden defects, and price gouge you. Look for sales representatives who are not only willing to work with you, but push you into doing all the right things.

We call this "reverse pushiness." For instance, a good used car salesman should be showing you the vehicle history reports, instead of leaving you to pull them on your own time. He should also be letting you test drive and inspect the car at your own free will. A good used car salesman won't have anything to hide when it comes to the stock of cars on his lot - this should be his way of showing it, and allowing you to feel more comfortable about your potential purchase.

Used car shopping can be frustrating and stressful. But if you go about it correctly and find that rock star used car salesman, you can be sure that you're getting a great deal and a reliable ride.

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