Customized Cars Gaining Popularity - 5 Best Ways to Modify Your Car

rgfAs per recent reports from Business Week, automakers may be facing a huge decline in sales, but the $41 billion upgrading car market with some of the coolest customizations is still donning an annual sales increase of 4-5%. Surveys reveal that auto enthusiasts spend an average sum of $2000 per automobile for upgrading its grills, wheels, body kits, electronic parts of the vehicle and many more. Automobile events like SEMA auto show allow the automaking industry to reach out to the young generation which is the key to driving the entire customization industry. During a time when fuel costs are soaring out of control and vehicles keep getting more expensive, it is interesting to note that the customization market is gradually getting stronger and sturdier. The cosmetic parts that you add aren't anything that you need but they're everything that you want and personalise your ride. Check out some ways of car styling that can enhance the look of your vehicle.

Here are some tips if you are serious about improving performance and handling of your car.

  1. Roll cage: You should ensure customizing your car in such a way that doesn't make it look like a douchebag. Adding a roll cage is a must if you spend a whole lot of time on the track or in participating in some motorsport competitions and you don't want to die so soon. However, if you're not a track racer, this might make you look like a paranoid freak. So, add it only according to your lifestyle.
  2. Improving aerodynamics: If you never race with your car on the tracks, don't go for this idea of modifying cars as the aero upgrades won't do anything special for you at low road speeds. However, if you're looking forward to shaving some time off your laps, you can choose to upgrade the aerodynamics of your car. Lower drag and adding a wing to generate downforce gives more speed and the stability and cornering speeds your vehicle will also become better.
  3. Tuning your ECU software: Unless you wish to damage the components within your vehicle, make sure you get new ECU software from a reputable tuning company. One of the easiest ways of modifying the engine your car is by ECU tuning. By modifying and tweaking the software, you can increase the redline, enhance power, improve the response of the throttle and increase boost. Turbo engines respond particularly well to remapping the ECU. Diesel engines will also give better economy as well as greater power. But you could destroy your engine, if you do it wrong or don’t choose the right components for your setup.
  4. Seat upgrades: It's pointless to get a 5-point harness seat until you're racing with your car. Suppose you've squeezed some extra power out of the whip with some tuning of the engine and you're racing. If you don't have the best possible supportive seats, you will be sliding around like a fool while driving and your control will be impaired.
  5. Modifying the suspension: Don't make the mistake of lowering it as far as it will go as that won't be effective. If you actually wish to change the character of your vehicle, one of the best ways in which you can do it is to modify the suspension. By changing the suspension, to firmer and slightly lowering the center of gravity you can turn a normal cruiser into a track racer and you can even turn an econobox into a rally car if you have the funds and desire. Remember that brakes and wheel types all impact your handling so you should look at upgrading all of the unsprung components (brake disks, pads, alloys & rims, shocks and springs).

Therefore, when it comes to modified cars, you can choose to make the above mentioned modifications in order to improve the way your vehicle performs. However, know every little detail before changing the details of your car.

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