Best Ways to Move Your Classy and Antique Car Safely

If you have an antique vehicle, you know the importance of handling it with care. From the time that classy and antique car owners get a vehicle they constantly clean, wax and service it to make sure it stays in great condition. Such care is taken to preserve the car when its stationary hence it’s no wonder that the transport for classy antique cars is so important. Any luxury antique vehicle owner wants to know that the auto transport company in charge of moving a vehicle from one location to another knows how to ship a car safely.

To pick the right auto transport firm for your vehicle, you must know what it takes to move the vehicle safely. That way you will be able to tell the experts from the fakes and be sure that you are placing your precious cargo in the right hands. Keep in mind there are many scams out there, and you do not want to entrust your classy vintage car to them.


Characteristics of a reputable vintage auto transport company

– Valid License

Any transport firm that claims to know how to ship a car must have a license by the Department of Transportation. Make sure that their license is up to date by verifying the information at the Department of Transport. It’s easy for anyone to fake a license, and if you don’t double check from the source, you may end up giving your classy vintage vehicle to crooks.

– Insurance

Make sure that the company you choose is insured to handle the kind of vehicle you own. The license must cover the financial value of your car as well. You never know when any accidents or other catastrophes could happen and you should get compensation for the loss or damage of your vehicle in case it happens. If your car transport company doesn’t have adequate insurance, how will you get compensated incase of any losses?

– Reviews

Nothing compares to customer reviews when you want to gauge the value of a service or product. Reviews will ensure that you pick a vehicle transport company that is reputable and has experience in transporting classy vehicle safely.

Once you cover all these bases, you will be sure that the firm you choose is the right pick when it comes to shipping a car.

Things to do when transporting an antique vehicle

– Transport option

Whether you choose a good auto transport firm or not you need to know something about shipping a classic car. First of all, luxury vehicles, especially antique ones, require a lot of care when handling. You should choose a good carrier option. You can either go for an open carrier or enclosed carrier.

An open carrier exposes your vehicle to the elements and outside interferences. For example, any object thrown at your vehicle accidentally could result in a broken windscreen or dented car body. You don’t want that! It’s better to go for the enclosed option that will keep your vehicle protected from any accidental bumps, projectiles, and other threats.

– Battery and fluids

When it comes to battery and fluids, there’s more to do than just getting the car on the carrier; you need to prepare your vehicle for the journey. First of all, ensure that the battery is fully charged and top up the coolant and oil.

Also, check the vehicle for any leaks as you don’t want the car to leak fluids during the journey. Make sure you drain the fuel to about an eighth full to save on weight. Alternatively, you can empty the tank entirely depending on what your auto transport company prefer.

– Vehicle condition

It’s important to clean your antique car thoroughly before the transportation day. Then go over the car and check for any defects or mechanical problems. Record anything you find and give the list to the transport company so that they are aware. In this way, you will not be the fall guy for any damage they cause during the move, and also they will know how to handle it and its defects during the journey.

– Car protection

Even if you are using a closed carrier, you can protect your vehicle further by covering it with a protective material. A good option is a car tarp, and you can also cover the wind screen and side mirrors with a protective sheet. Also, do yourself a favor and check the weather so that you choose an ideal date to move your car. You can never be accurate about the weather, but predictions help. Avoid any days where harsh weather is predicted and pick a day or period when you expect favorable weather.

– Supervise loading and offloading

Lastly, make sure that you are present when they are loading your car and if possible make sure someone is there on the other side to supervise the offloading. Overall, how to ship a car is easy when you take your time to choose the right transport company. If you follow these tips, you can be sure that your classy antique car will get to its destination safe and sound.

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