What Are Different Types of Banners and Their Application?

One of the best ways to get brand visibility, putting out your brand message, and also be able to elicit a response from your targeted audience – banners have been doing it right since ages. You can employ them for indoor as well as outdoor marketing purposes, hence their versatility is an asset that can be leveraged. Available in different types and materials (owing to the fact that outdoor banner printing needs to be more resilient to external factors as compared to indoor ones) banners offer you unparalleled flexibility and when done right, they can get you the right kind of attention that your brand deserves.

Different kind of banners

Vinyl Banners

One of the most cost-efficient types of banner printing materials out there, especially when you’re talking about large outdoor banner printing, vinyl banners are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. If you are looking for lightweight options that are also durable, vinyl is a good pick. You can create banners seamlessly up to a dimension of 16′ x 50′, and you also have the option of getting high-end quality of no-curl vinyl when looking for something on the more expensive end.

Mesh Banners

Generally one of the biggest enemies of outdoor banners that cause much wear and tear is the wind, thus, mesh banner printing is something that can tackle this issue. Designed on vinyl material but with breathable fibres, mesh banners allow the passage of air easily and protect your outdoor banners from being torn. Much like vinyl banners they too can come seamlessly in a dimension up to 16′ x 50′ and they also have hems and grommets that are welded by heat on them.

Canvas Banners

Mostly used for indoor purposes, canvas banners are quite popular as they can give a high-quality painting effect to your banners. Generally used for displays that are a little high-brow in nature, canvas banners can elevate the look of your display significantly.

Polyester Fabric Banners

When you are looking for banners that really pop out your design work and vibrant colours, the usage of polyester fabric banners is a fantastic option. Though the material can be used for both indoor, outdoor banner printing, however, it gives best results when used indoors. Using a direct dye sublimation printing process, the fabric has the ink saturated through it completely and not just at the surface, thus giving you vivid results that really grab attention.

Having taken a look at the various kinds of banners let’s also take a look at their usage:

  • Business: One of the most popular usages of banners is indoor or outdoor banner printing is for marketing your establishment. There is no doubt that printing large banners can help in enhancing your brand visibility and this augments the sales for your organisation, thus boosting your revenue. You can utilise your banners for not only providing information about your brand but also for special events, discounts, etc. by placing them in vantage points with high footfall you will be able to leverage our banner to its full potential.
  • Advertising: One of the best ways to advertise your products and services, banners have been used for a long time to garner for you, new clients, by grabbing their attention. Be it a specific product that you want to highlight or a specific sales promotion, using banners can go a long way in generating interest. You can even use portable options such as roller banner printing, that can be placed at strategic points and be moved when the need arises. One thing to keep in mind is to keep your text short and crisp and your design vibrant and attractive, so that your banners can attract maximum attention.
  • Events: Hosting an event means that you need to generate interest in it by marketing it in the right manner. Putting up banners that talk about your event helps in getting the word out and making sure that people are aware of the event that is being organised. Outdoor banner printing is one of the best ways to get the word out, so make sure that you place them in areas that are going to attract a lot of crowd, in fact getting a large banner printed is one of the best ways to go about creating a buzz.
  • Personal: Putting aside all the commercial uses, even for personal events such as birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, etc. banners can put in an element of fun as well as a bespoke touch. You can utilise your banner to convey special wishes for occasions and make any event even more memorable. All you need is a great design and watch as your event comes alive and is enhanced even more by the use of banners.

Offering you variety in terms of material, usage as well as portability, banners are one of the best ways to enhance your marketing efforts as well as make any event much more memorable. With the age of digital printing upon us, using a great design, you can create a masterpiece that can be used to its full potential at a fraction of a cost. Be it indoor or outdoor banner printing, when used in the right manner, banners can augment your efforts immensely.

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