How To Use UGC For Brand Promotion?

Brand PromotionIn this digital era, have you purchased a product before reading a review? I don’t think so. Gone are the days when people buy products based on brand marketing. Reading reviews on e-commerce websites, before making a buying decision, has become an important aspect. Do you know why? The consumers rely more on reviews by other humans than on brands. Ever since experiential marketing came into play and new forms of marketing tend to attract the audiences, UGC (user-generated content) has marked its power. Firstly let’s understand what is UGC and why it is important in planning any marketing strategy nowadays.

What is User-generated content (UGC)?

Experiential technology solutions have been attracting the audience with its unique marketing techniques and UGC has played an effective role while building the trust of the audience in a brand. User-generated content is referred to as any content created by the users and not by the brand itself. It includes text, videos, images, reviews, social media posts, etc.which are being shared by the users of a brand.

Brands can utilize the content created by their audience as a part of there marketing strategy to expand its reach. User-generated content is shared by brands on various social media platforms and websites, to engage more audience and to build there trust in a brand. A positive user-generated content motivates the audience to make the purchase even if the cost is a bit higher. A similar product, with a cheaper price and no reviews, will lack the marketing race and fails to attract audiences.

Reviews on e-commerce sites are counted as a user-generated content so does the comments on social media pages of a brand. Posts on social media websites, featuring a brand or a service are also considered as a part of UGC, which helps in boosting the credibility of a brand in the process. Let’s understand the importance of user-generated content (UGC) and how it will help you to leverage your brand promotion strategy, to attract a larger audience base.

Importance of User-Generated Content

1. It creates trust in a brand

If you know, how well the product or service will work before you buy it, what is better than that. Today’s customer seeks the value of a product before buying it and read reviews by other users. If a product or service has positive reviews by other members or its visual display by the audience on the social media platforms is fascinating, it will result in a purchase of a product, thereby building trust towards a brand. Consumer opinions do matter a lot and people trust them more than the brand itself. Consumer testimonials help in boosting the trust of other members of the brand.

2. It helps in making a purchase decision

User-generated content helps in making a purchase decision and it is one of its biggest benefits. It helps in increasing the sales of a brand by impacting user’s purchase decisions. A large percentage of the audience relies on UGC and their decision of making a purchase is based on it. Instagram stories, facebook posts, tweets on twitter, reviews on e-commerce websites all play a great role in making a lasting impression on potential buyers.

3. It helps in Showcasing the benefits of the product

It allows the user to know about the benefits and the good quality of the product by other users. User-generated content allows customers to gain insights into a product, that brand doesn’t reveal itself.

4. User-generated content creates brand loyalty

It helps in building brand loyalty by building a relationship with its customers, resulting in multiple sales. Customers who tend to comment or share their reviews about a product or a brand are likely to gain some benefits either in terms of winning a contest, getting some points to shop or to gain the limelight by a brand. It will later result in brand loyalty, leaving the customers to buy from you even more.

5. UGC helps to promote brand values

It helps in promoting your brand values while connecting people worldwide, who believe in the same values.

How Experiential Solutions helps in generating user-generated content( UGC)?

Time has progressed and we have seen enormous changes in marketing techniques. Experiential marketing agencies are using interactive technology solutions, to engage and attract more audiences. In today’s digital era, experiential technology solutions are considered the most effective way to generate user-generated content. Experiential marketing has become an important aspect of any marketing strategy, as customers seek personalized experiences before making a purchase. Many brands are eager to find experiential technology solutions, to generate user-generated content( UGC), which will help in boosting your brand’s presence. Let’s have a look at some interactive technology solutions that will help you in integrating user-generated content in experiential marketing strategy.

1. Instagram Hashtag Printer

Instagram hashtag printer is the most famous form of experiential marketing solution, that helps the brand to create user-generated content through Instagram. It is used as an integral part of the marketing strategy, as it offers a chance for audiences to interact with each other. Instagram hashtag printer allows you to get clicked during a brand event and upload it on social media platforms with the event hashtag while making it reach millions of active users. You can get your photograph printed instantly, during the event once you upload it to Instagram or Twitter. Hashtags used while uploading the pictures helps the audience to connect with other members worldwide, thereby giving exposure to a brand to influence more audiences. It helps in making a lasting impression on potential customers. You can motivate your audience to generate UGC content by sharing their reviews, photographs, etc.

instagram hashtag printer

2. Tweet Cafe or Social Cafe

Social media platforms are a great way to engage more audience and create trust in a specific brand. It allows users to interact with each other in real-time. Social cafe or tweet cafe is the latest form in interactive technology solutions that helps in integrating user-generated content. It helps in trending your brand event on social media platforms, by attracting audiences by offering surprise gifts. A tweet with an event hashtag and a selected box no. allows a brand campaign to engage millions of users. It creates a sense of excitement among the customers while motivating them to participate in it. Participants who took part in the tweet cafe can share their experience with other users, thereby generating UGC.

tweet cafe or social cafe

3. Social mosaic or photo mosaic wall for events

Social mosaic is an effective experiential marketing technique that helps in engaging the customer worldwide through social media platforms. UGC helps in increasing the percentage of brand engagement by 28%.

The social mosaic wall invites the attendees of the brand event to get clicked and share their images via social media with hashtags of event and become a part of the social photo mosaic wall. It displays all the content that you want to show your audiences. It can later be used by a brand in their logo or any marketing campaign. Social mosaic allows your brand to reach more audiences in real-time.

social photo mosaic wall

UGC (user-generated content) gives your brand the much-desired hike. Incorporating UGC into an experiential marketing campaign improves its effectiveness and make it successful.

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