Top 3 Advantages of Advertising Business through Personalised Number Plates

Plates4less_6 Blog postAdvertising business while on the go is one of the best ways to sell your brand to the customers. Regardless of whether you are an international name eager to reinforce brand recognition or a tradesman looking forward to promoting your brand locally, you can use the personalised car number plates.

Advertising and marketing are evolving today. In spite of the growth of the internet, there is presently adequate scope for innovation in brand as well as offline promotion.

The fleet of entrepreneurs and companies seeing value in the corporate and private number plates is growing every day. While some are investing in the single and outstanding examples, others are equipped with an entire fleet of vehicles with branded or themed registration.

The distinct number plates

  • Offer excellent marketing as well as promotional opportunities
  • Raise awareness about your company
  • Look great in newspaper articles and press releases
  • Aid in creating corporate identity
  • Are great as fun items
  • Aid in setting your company apart
  • Offer better investment potential
  • Facilitate easier fleet administration as well as vehicle tracking

Now, let us check out on the advantages of using the personalised number plates for business purpose in a little more detail.

Brand Awareness

By personalising your vehicle, you can easily advertise business.

Use the name or the tagline of your company on the number plate.

You need to drive around in your car to ensure better brand recognition. Don't you think this is the easiest way to advertise your brand?

You can take the example of Chanel. The clothing and perfume giant, Chanel makes use of a personalised plate for promoting its big seller, No. 5. Its delivery van that drives around the UK displays a valued and unique number plate, ‘No. 5'. This is done to honour its well-known perfume.

Pimlico Plumbers in London is quite well known for its collection of customised vans. They include everything associated with plumbing in their number plate.

You can also make people aware of your profession through the personalised number plate you are using. For example, if you are an artist, you can include the word ‘ART' while registering your personalised number plate with the DVLA.

Advertising with a Fun Filled Note

A smile goes a long way in popularising your brand. If you can include an element of fun in your advertisement, you are bound to get better brand recognition.

You can use the personalised number plates to advertise but in a light hearted manner.

How about using a collection of numbers and letters that can market your company in a witty manner? This will ensure better remembrance.

People love humour. It helps them to get through a boring day. You can easily get their attention if you can advertise your brand in a witty manner through your number plate while your targeted market is stuck in traffic.

Not only will the clever and catchy number plate help them to spend a great day, but they would also be more likely to tell others about this ingenious way of advertising.

A Great Way to Market Offline

Today, online marketing is one of the most popular ways to promote services and products. We often limit the offline modes of marketing to print advertising and television and radio adverts. The personalised number plates, today are winning popularity as an advertising and marketing ploy. This is one of the best ways to keep brands in the limelight for years to come. You need not spend much either to keep this mode of advertising alive. You just need the money to fuel your car.

Now, you have a great promotional strategy. Do not miss this opportunity to get your business noticed. This will help you to promote business innovatively and effectively. One of the best ways to get better recognition on the road is ensuring you are choosing the right combination of numbers and letters for your personalised number plate. This will ensure a better return on investment.

Now you know that the personalised number plates are quite beneficial for business and act as a great marketing tool. What are your plans? Are you planning to buy just one personalised number plate or you intend to come with a whole fleet to promote your brand?

If you have any questions, please ask below!