How to Deliver Leaflets by Yourself

Leaflet distribution remains one of the most efficient way to optimise your marketing campaign as it is reported to offer to businesses one of the highest Return On Investment (ROI).

Deliver Leaflets

Indeed it is often said that 80% of the leaflet delivered would be red at least one time by your target.

Thus leaflet distribution could be a relevant way for companies to stand out of the crown and to increase their visibility.

However how to manage your own leaflet distribution campaign?

1. Mind the design

The design is paramount. Indeed there is no point to think about the way you are going to deliver your leaflets if you have not properly designed your leaflets before.

Think about what you could earn if you just pay attention to it.

Do not choose the cheapest leaflet with what appears as a very old fashioned design. Otherwise your customers are just going to throw it to the bin.

Select a slick, design with eye-catching colours. For people that didn't know anything about your company before this is your opportunity to be kept in mind.

2. Know your goals

I should have said it before but it doesn't make sense to deliver thousands of leaflets without an objective behind. I know a lot of companies which stubbornly spend thousands of pounds in leaflet distribution just "to make money".

Here is a list of goals you could be trying to achieve: increasing visits to your shop, increase the number of views to your website and so one.

If you know your objectives then it would be easier to evaluate whether your leaflet distribution campaign has been a success or not. It could be also a relief to know why you have spent such an amount of money.

3. Consider the right location

You need to think about the areas you would like you leaflets to be delivered. You know your business's surroundings and your neighbourhoods more than anyone. This is important because you need to know which places could be the most profitable ones for your leaflet distribution.

It could be helpful to analyse your competitors' behaviours in your area. If they have already delivered leaflets and flyers in some streets then you know that the residents would be less likely to be interested in the leaflets they could receive in their letterbox.

There is no point to deliver leaflets in areas where your business is not implemented. For instance if your business's location is West London and you deliver leaflets to promote a limited special offer for your restaurant then there is no point to deliver your leaflets in Cambridge since people are less likely to come to visit your restaurant.

4. Make sure the leaflets have been delivered

If you have decided to organise the leaflet distribution by yourself you must be sure that your employees are really delivering your leaflets and not throwing it to the closest bin. That could make you lose money and time.

This is the reason why you might be interested in the services of a leaflet distributor. It has become common for them to track their joggers and to make sure leaflets are delivered in time as they do not want to receive any complaints.

Otherwise you could use some apps to track your distributors like Nike Fitness. It's a simple way but efficient enough to have a first guarantee that the leaflet distribution has been done.

5. Do not forget the proofreading

I think if you keep all the previous points in mind you would be ready to manage your own leaflet distribution campaign. So let's focus now on the detail.

Unfortunately it's easy to make thoughtlessness mistakes like forgetting to write all your addresses on the leaflet to enable the customer to contact you.

Before launching your leaflet distribution the content of your leaflet must be vetted. This is the reason why you should ask several people to care about the proofreading.

If you do not feel confident about your leaflet distribution do not hesitate to hand it over the experts.


If you have any questions, please ask below!