How to choose the right sign board for your business

Believe it or not, 90% of the information that the brain registers is through visual media. Thus, giving a visual presence to your company in the marketplace has become nothing but imperative, in this cut-throat competitive world, to drive a satisfactory amount of traffic.

In a way, signboards – depicting the latest deals and offers – are the primary initiators for your target customers to show some interest in what you have in the basket. As far as using signs boards are concerned, there are a lot of efforts and planning that go into developing perfect signage.

On top of that, you must cautiously consider some factors while determining the type of sign, material, and other relevant features. So, if you are confused or new to the world of signboards, here are a few guidelines that will help you choose the right sign board for your business in the UK.

The Place to Use the Sign

To begin with, you must focus on how you are going to use the sign or the area where you will place it. Is it going to be indoors to direct customers toward a specific promotional or sale area?

Or, is it going to be outside to attract visitors enough to step inside? Irrespective of the case, you would have to give specific consideration to longevity as you wouldn’t want the signboard to tear up anytime sooner.

Also, if you are planning to put the board in the open area, be sure of its sturdiness to withstand blizzards, high winds, rain and blistering heat.

Brainstorm Over the Material

Once you have comprehended the place where the sign is going to be displayed, next comes deciding on materials. If you are going to use the signboard inside, you can consider the following materials:

  • Foamcore
  • Wood
  • Corrugate
  • Plastic
  • Gator Board

For outdoor signs, on the other hand, you may consider choosing:

  • Aluminium
  • Acrylic
  • Plastic
  • Corrugated Board
  • Mesh
  • Vinyl

These materials are meant to stand up to the testing environment and weather conditions. If you are not sure regarding your choice, you can always take advice from the experts to get excellent value for invested money.

Peep into Your Competitors

Admittedly, signboards have to be unique and relevant to your brand image. However, if you are stuck in a dilemma, peeping into what your competitors are up to doesn’t harm any party.

This will help you quickly assess what is working for your potential audience and what should be neglected at all costs. At the end of the day, you can keep this information in mind while choosing the right board.

Go with a Renowned Sign Board Company

Whether you have just started a business or have been around for years altogether, there is no way you’d want to compromise upon your branding. Choosing a wrong signboard company may lead you to a pit that may take a lot of time to recover from.

So, don’t settle down with the first option that comes your way. Look around a bit and enquire more. Find out some of the most renowned signboard companies, and gauge them cautiously. Shortlist on the basis of:

  • Reputation
  • Installation cost
  • Years of experience
  • Options availability
  • Past clients and work

Once done, choose the one that meets your requirements and seems the best fit to help you accomplish objectives.

Concentrate on Content

A business signboard must have a compelling headline, a description along with a call to action. Try using your words similar to a journalist and only put vital and relevant information.

Here, you can seek assistance from the chosen designer to understand the content limit that your board can accommodate. However, while doing so, avoid cluttering the board with text and pictures as your readers would be unable to decipher the real purpose behind that board.

A rule of thumb that you can follow is adding such a message that can be comprehended in five seconds. Any longer could be a risk to both your conversions and brand identity.

Getting the Design Correct

The key to a perfect design is to keep the 60-30-10 rule in mind. Make the sign with 60% of your primary colour, 30% of the secondary colour and 10% of the accent, keeping the brand as the guide.

Since readability is quite essential, contrast should be considered as well. For instance, if the background is pale, you will have to use the dark font and vice versa. Try and avoid using fancy fonts that could be difficult to read.

Once you have got the design right, your signboard will turn out to be fantastic so as to engage customers.

Think in a Holistic Way

Almost 50% of communication professionals are using digital signages as a way to transfer information. One random piece of signboard can get lost easily. Thus, consider the signage as an interconnected suite of marketing materials that offer a single customer engagement channel in their own way, helping drive customers to your website, social media account and the physical store.

If you have a retail premise, for instance, you may go with outdoor A-boards that accommodate daily messages and deals. On the other hand, you can also use foam board signs that could be digital and regularly changed.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, when choosing signboards, be as creative as you can since they are going to be essential parts of your advertising and marketing efforts. Keep in mind that only an appropriate signboard provider, can help you get a cost-effective deal, helpful enough in driving traffic and increasing revenue.

So, without further ado, go on your quest of a perfect board and brand your business in the best possible way.

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