The Benefits Of Signage And Billboard Advertising For Your Local Business

New York Times SquareOutdoor advertising can take many forms, when we talk about signage we mean visual graphics design to grab attention. Wikipedia says, “Signage is the design or use of signs and symbols to communicate a message to a specific group, usually for the purpose of marketing or a kind of advocacy”. Signage can be placed above your shop or showroom, on billboards, you could even have a member of your staff walking around the streets dressed as batman and holding some form of advertisement.

You may not believe it in this internet age but, one of the best and most effective methods you can use to advertise your local business is signage. We barely notice a lot of the signs and billboard advertisements we run into in our every day life, the message these signs convey crawls unconsciously into our heads. These subconscious messages can direct and affect our decision-making processes. Signage advertising can be an incredible way of advertising a small, local business.

We have collected a few ideas on the benefits of signage advertising for your business and we will be looking at them below:


• The first benefit of signage for your business is that it helps potential customers determine who your company is and what kind of business you run. People won’t possess the slightest notion that a particular company (let’s say yours) even exists if they don’t see a banner near the street or on your building. Billboard advertisements can be used to extend your reach and get your brand name out in your local town, by using billboard advertising you could even establish a presence on the same street as your competitors.

• Signs catch the attention of new or potential customers, signage helps potential customers unconsciously learn about the existence of your company. Signage draws the attention of people on the street and it makes them aware of the existence of your company, your product or service. If you do not have a sign outside your business even your neighbour won’t know you are there, they won’t know about you and what you are selling even if you have items that they might find useful.


• Another benefit of signage for your business that it brings a significant increase in sales and more sales probably means more profit for your company. A recent survey revealed that by simply installing a brand new banner or sign, a business can raise sales by up to 16%. This slideshow details how a car dealer was able to sell 8 cars through the use of billboard advertising, it is estimated their billboard poster was viewed 125,300 times a day. If your business, shop or showroom is not located on a busy street good signage may not be enough, sending a member of staff out with a sign or renting a billboard on the nearest busy street maybe a good idea.

Outdoor advertising specialist, signkick says billboard advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. In this post on billboard rental cost, signkick say small local businesses can now use automated booking services to search for billboard advertising opportunities online.

• The very best part of using a signage is that it can be very affordable. With a pocket-friendly cost your business will become known in the community near it, if you rent billboard space you can extend your reach even further. The more the people become familiar with your company the more they‘ll be engaging with it. The more people see your brand the more they will trust you, if your products or services are good people will keep coming back to you, they may even tell their friends about your business.

What should you keep in mind when creating a signage?

When you design a signage make an effort to make it stand out from the crowd, use complementary colours and highlight the key points that you would like your visitors or anyone that views your ad to notice. Try to always keep the message to the minimum, too much information in your signage or ad will make it look cluttered and complex. Keep it simple make sure you provide relevant information, many potential customers will only see the sign or ad for a short time so it needs to be attention grabbing. Consult the services of a graphic designer to avoid wasting your advertising budget on signs that don’t generate interest or convert into sales.

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