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An Introduction to Locksmithing

Why are locksmiths important? Can’t an ordinary homeowner, entrepreneur or car owner take care of his own property, buying and installing locks or locking security systems? Can’t a DIY be good enough? Locks vary from sizes and shapes. You can opt for the most basic to electronic locks to the […]


Top 7 Home Security Tips from a Locksmith

Standard home security is a necessity that many homeowners take for granted, with 4 burglaries happening every minute in the United States. Too often, families find themselves victims of a crime before thinking to invest in their home security. Criminals are smart and have unsuspecting ways of getting your information […]

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How to Unlock a Car Door on Your Own

Carrying a spare key never seemed important until you desperately need it. If you’ve locked yourself out of your car, you know how embarrassing and difficult it can be when trying to unlock the door. Closing the door and leaving the keys inside is something that happens to many car […]