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Help Yourself If You're Locked Out of Your Own Car

locked-out-of-your-carIf you have locked your keys in the car, it can be quite a messy as well as an expensive proposition to get your car unlocked by a professional. Every year, a large number of drivers lose their key or lock them inside the car. Fortunately, it's not hard to get car doors unlocked without a key.

So, what to do if you are locked out of your car? Fortunately, there are several tricks that you can use if you are in such a situation.

Break Automatic or Electric Locks

Find the Tool of Choice

The basic way to break into cars with automatic locks is by using a poker. Though this may be somewhat crude, this is exactly the thing a locksmith will do with the exception that you won't lose money this way. To do this, you need a wedge and a poker.

  • The best wedges may include door stops and putty knives. Ideally you need to open up as much space as is necessary to insert the poker. So, how do locksmiths perform the task? They make use of inflating balloons for pumping air and creating space.
  • You can use antenna from the car and straightened wire hanger. Straighten the hanger with pliers. You can consider doubling it up for better control as well as pushing power. Any tool that is narrow and long enough to reach lock button is fine.

Wedge the Door open

Jam doorstops or something equivalent to it into the space between your car and the upper part of the door. Now tap the wedge into car or door space using your hand. If concerned about damaging the paint of your car, you can cover the wedge with a cloth. This will protect the painting.

Insert the Rod

The jammed wedge will create a gap between your car body and the door. You can insert the rod in the space between the car body and the door. Now move the rod towards the lock button.

Press the Button and Unlock

Press the button with a rod. Though it may take several tries, but as soon as you are done, you can successfully break into your car and retrieve the keys.

Break the Manual Locks

Lasso Lock Using a Coat Hanger

For a vehicle with a manual lock, you need to pull up on the locking pin. Follow the same directions of wedging in through space. Then, you need to pull up carefully to unlock your car.

Pushing a button is hard, but lassoing it is harder. You may need several tries to get the job done.

Consider Using a Slim Jim

A slim jim, also known as a lockout tool, is issued to the police officers to open doors with manual locks. If you have access to it, your work will be easier.

You can create one by straightening a coat hanger, leaving the curved part as it is. Do not try using this method on cars with automatic locks and windows.

Pick Passenger Side Door

There is less wiring on the passenger side door as compared to one on the driver's side. This makes it easier to break in.

Insert the Tool

Find the black rubber stripping along the edge of the car window. Locking mechanisms are usually lined up with the lock toward the back of the door.

You can use your fingers to peel back the rubber strip from the window and expose the gap between the outer part of the car door and the window. Now insert the straightened coat hanger into the gap between weather stripping and the window.

Lower the Coat Hanger

You need to be able to lower the coat hanger into the gap without resistance. Start feeling for the pin next. If you check out on the manual, you will come to know where exactly the locking pin is and the ways to access it. If you dig around the door blindly, you run the risk of messing up wires and causing damage. Find out where the locking pin is before you try to insert the slim jim.

Find the Pin

Move your coat hanger around the gap till you locate a small pin. You can pull the pin to disengage the lock. It is usually located about 2 inches below window bottom near the handle of the interior door.

Here are some more ways to prevent trouble.

Carry Spare Keys

Carry a spare key. This way, you can remain stress-free. You can keep the spare with a neighbor or in your home. You can also invest in a nice magnetic holder and attach it to your car. The magnetic holders come with a combination lock and remains attached. Just find a nice place and hide it, so that it does not fall off.

Call the Police

Call the police, especially if there is a kid stuck in the car. Just call them and ask them to open the car for you. They have specialized materials to open the car door for you.

Tow Truck

This is your last and slightly expensive option. Most people wait till the other options are exhausted before taking resort to the tow truck.

So, now you have several options if you are stuck out of your car and have no idea on the ways to proceed.

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