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How to Unlock a Car Door on Your Own

dferfCarrying a spare key never seemed important until you desperately need it. If you’ve locked yourself out of your car, you know how embarrassing and difficult it can be when trying to unlock the door.

Closing the door and leaving the keys inside is something that happens to many car owners. If this situation occurs, you don’t have to wait until a locksmith arrives. The solutions below will help you get back into your vehicle without the use of a key.

DIY or Locksmith?

When you’re locked out of your car and don’t have a spare key, it’s recommended that you call a locksmith who’s equipped with the right tools to unlock your door without causing damages. A professional locksmith can also cut a new key in case that the original was lost or stolen.

On the other hand, if the situation is urgent and you can’t wait for help, there are a few DIY methods you can try.

  • Slim Jim: try to unlock your car door with a slim jim. Insert this device between the door and the weather stripping, above the lock. Slide the tool downward along the window until it touches the mechanism. Move it back and forth to reach the lock rod and unlock the door.
  • Air pump: using an air pump is another option. Insert this tool between the weather stripping on the door frame and the door itself; after which you squeeze the pump to inflate it, which will separate the door from the frame. This will give enough space to insert any object to unlock the door.

Though these methods may prove effective, they should only beutilized in emergency cases.

Mechanical vs Hi-Tech Methods

There are many ways and different methods to unlock your car door in a case of emergency. One might try using methods such as unlocking with a magnet or other tools like a slim jim, pump, or a string. These mechanical methods, however, are not that safe and reliable, compared to hi-tech methods.

Technology has made almost everything possible. You can now unlock a car door using Bluetooth. If you own a smartphone, just install a special system module that will make the unlocking process easier and quicker. These systems are compatible with most vehicles, especially the newer models, and work well with all Bluetooth-enabled cellphones.

Keep in mind that a vehicle that uses a fob will automatically close when you get out and unlock when you approach it; which means,you don’t have to carry around a fob. For a fob key to work well, you have to get it installed by a licensed locksmith. All it takes is a one-time pairing procedure using your Bluetooth menu to make the entire system work automatically.

As mentioned, if you find that the DIY methods above don’t work for you, call a professional locksmith to render assistance immediately.

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